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The head coach of the milwaukee box and we see this more in the nba for sure than in the nfl counterpart and really it a lot of the other sports hockey might fall into this as well but midseason coaching firings are relatively normal in those parts what we've got right now in the nfl as the rash of hirings on the other end we've been through that unfortunate monday after the regular season ends and now we're starting to see some of the holes filled up in here pat shurmur the vikings offense of coordinator fresh off their nfc title loss named the giants head coach probably gonna be introduced today interesting here because we've heard dave gettleman the new giants gm saying that he wants eu i manning back and a lot of those questions will come up organizationally were at least now the giants are back to doing things in the right order because while i perceive more and more in the nfl and in pro sports in general the power structures to be a little different than we see on others especially when it comes to players and coaches if you want to buy into the system then you've got to put it in place the right way and having your gm around to help pick the head coach is the right way to go about all of this but now they've got to collaborate on what they believe is the right decision to make at quarterback so we've got that in play in all of this we've got todd haley being hired is the browns offense of coordinator todd haley who led the third most productive offense in the nfl this season in pittsburgh is i have to imagine going to be driven to drink when he gets to cleveland now it's clear browse you've i am on record as saying is going to be drastically improve next season provided they nail is whole quarterback thing which may be again is giving the browns too much credit they'll find a way todd he'll he's got to be looking around going what in the.

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