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We got a cure for the mondays neck nope we'll maybe fun actually art do help you had a great weekend and if you're feeling this morning maybe this'll be a cure for your monday things can't get worse than they did that guy gang referee ian john lewis not that a little too close to the action but he ate that no big he's got a i've got a good chin wanna get into faith like keppel move all right so there's a little cure condemnation the rate saturday night justify wins the second leg of the triple crown on a sloppy track how sloppy about how sloppy it was that the infield action going on out there flynn the preakness is known for its sort of rowdiness yes if you will as ready you combine that with a bunch of mud branding white hair dude got a chance to win the triple atm in his liver i check this friday night indians astros game tied at one bottom of the seven twenty campaigns that wall up the right field line that's a fair ball look at his wife okay he interferes with the ball there's not a married man on the planet who hasn't gotten back look for one reason or another look at our oh she is not pleat eighty eight that's basically what that is i wrote a book called on my wife thinks i'm an idiot here's the explanation from the white for name is valerie dominy and she treats sorry astro my husband did not see camps hit since he was shelling peanuts five year old daughter at her first ever game when he looked over the wall it was foul and he wanted to get the ball for his baby i'm not a jerk wife and he knows baseball tony kemp who hit it said next game all come to find me i'll sign something for you guys tell them just be happy we won hashtag no hard feelings but just that expression act funny it just kills you the bone just give me give me one more second of that.

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