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Answer right right so you want to look over those in again at the building but the rosy for us it's all we all personalize it as we shut we pray the way god's calling us to pray at saint john paul ii talked a great deal about that in his writings and the rosary and that's why he had no trouble getting us new mysteries of the rosary for us all to meditate on and remind us that in different parts of the church it's prayed a little bit differently and that's okay that said that's personalizing this many tips technique whereby we meditate on the life death and resurrection of our lord and save your jesus christ in the roles mother played in that salvation history it's a great and great ocean a great meditative away to meditate on the saving message of jesus so thanks jim appreciate the call and thanks for holding i know we had with a full board so i know you waited a long time thanks for doing that let's go up to austin texas the nine seventy am listeners samuel sam how can i help you you're caller amac workers about math intent to overwhelm our would arrive in calling me off i would i wayne i want you make it my the matt allen i want to make is for my soul after death yes be used to personal intention amp got over that some people some people leave and there will they leave of a certain instruction to their their you know executor of their is stay and the persons in charge of taking care of their physical property uh they also leave spiritual instructions which i think is a wise thing to do just like we should have a durable power of attorney for healthcare decisionmaking in other words we should have a document already executed and that allows if we ever fell into a situation where were were not able to make decisions for ourselves when it comes to health care decisions we should have designated a person or persons in order.

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