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I love that you come here. You're one of my favorites because there's no fake anything about Baldwin on he's really talented and I love hearing about the whole new world. You live in all these babies. I'm 61 years old. I have a six year old, a four year old, a three year old and a one year old. I'm one of those people that can't bear to miss anything. It's like, hear of missing out, Monsieur, I've got rid of that. I mean, I used to have a lot of that. Adjusting from being single for 11 years. It was fun that it was lonely. I mean the date people and then I think what I wanted is what I have now the first lady of New York radio shown Hamburg Saturdays at one PM Talk Radio 77 W. A. B. C 24 Bernie and sit in the morning. Truth Tax fairness we days 6 to 10 1071 l I r Hampton Bays and 77 W A B c New York talk radio news weather in traveling now. Ah, a rise in Kobe cases in Brooklyn, 80 degrees mostly clear in New York and Bob Round. Now it's trending on 77 W. A. B, c and w radio dot com Thea pickers in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and the mayor says people there should be tested. We hear more from their music is Kristen Marks, Mayor de Blasio says. They're increasing testing and Sunset Park with 228 recent positive cases. They're our idea is to saturate Sunset Park over the next few days. Literally reached every member of the community we possibly can get as many people as tested as possibles quickly as possible, deBlasio says. It's unclear what is causing the uptick, But he calls it a warning. Light a test in trace core and other city officials will be knocking on doors, making phone calls and talking to community leaders to urge everyone in Sunset Park to get tested. I'm Christine Marks for 77 W. ABC News, California Democratic Senator Kamala Harris says she's ready to get to work and Joel I'm so proud..

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