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Now thirty this is riverfront broadcasting news on today is casey cr pierre an ford perum decisions to me regarding a new crossing over the misery river state of south dakota paying for the base bridge amenities and features beyond the basic structure are up to the city is to figure out for pierre mayor gloria hansen says they're still gathering information we are looking at options on some of the actions now it for instance if we say well if if you put these big peers on the end it'll cost this much money we are looking at at options that may not be as costly and there were also looking at options that one city might accept and the other city will not so we're still in the process and that justice soon as we can we'll have public meetings on them but it it would be a very frustrating experience now to have have public meetings because there are too many unknowns hansen says they've been given more time to decide from the state department of transportation they gave us till february first and february first is coming up really quickly uh we met yesterday was secretary of requests from dot and said can we have a little more time and he and he said how 'bout march 1st and we said that will help a lot so that will give us a little more time to gather the information we need so that we can make as good decisions and then and then get it out to the public so that we can get their input bid leading for the project is scheduled for twenty twenty with construction likely to begin in 2020 as well the bridge will remain two lanes east and west but will include a uae under 12foot walking path with multiple terraces cut into allow for seeding and resting at local and state historic preservation officials gathered under the replica bastion at the fort pierce atto national historic landmark yesterday to exempt the final of three ten thousand dollar donation checks the final ten thousand dollars comes from the deadwood historic preservation office that were the third race move gaming had been very supportive of of many projects in central south dakota including this one were really happy to be open to share that that opportunity and ed this now have gathered who grads as our final grad so we have all our money.

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