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Field at one ten Broncos, dropped their first preseason game forty two. Twenty, eight, to Minnesota young quarterback Chad Kelly. Making some things happen one com he's walked with a tight end Kelly pops now we can make the thirty twenty five twenty four. Slide, at the eighteen yard line Five of seventeen yards by. Chad Kelly and, once again a first down for the. Broncos voice of the Broncos Dave Logan Kelly tosses two. Touchdown passes and one interception started case keenum goes just. One for four in the loss the bears visit mile high next Saturday officials are investigating. After several people were identified with salmonella they had all attended the arapahoe county fair or four h. events associated with. The fair the Tri county health department is conducting that investigation the post reports. No source of salmonella has been. Determined the fair ran from July twenty first through July, twenty ninth again Rockies in dodgers this. Afternoon, at, Coors field we'll have QNA at. Noon and first pitch at one ten next update at nine thirty David kale KOA NewsRadio eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM His pretty easy, drive around Denver this Sunday, morning but, we, do, have a couple of problem. Areas the highways looking. Good I twenty, five and I seventy through town are both accident-free speeds up to the. Posted limits off by way we, have a. New crash stored, colefax and Monaco that's an injury accident also we. Have another crash at Brighton boulevard and. A thirty eight th avenue and we have some wires down Florida and, Platte river, drive up, north we do have a crash I twenty five northbound a little bit north of Berthod that's. Causing some delays as. Well CBS four weather sunny and hot this afternoon look for high near. Ninety-three more of the same on tap, for.

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