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One of the jasons Jason but'real judicial dictatorship. Yes. So I this is this is really Erkan me lately. Every time a federal judge will going back. The last time a judge really really pissed me off was when they basically they put the injunction for getting rid of Dhaka. Like when really really long list, but I'll skip to this two instances time. But that is just amazing to me because that was not a law that was something that the president. Then President Obama just did which you could probably you could even say that was just unconstitutional executive order this thing just as kind of a stopgap didn't go the congress could have. But the moment of the present this current president tried to dump it give the power back to congress. He said, no, you can't do that. I'm like, what is like how you're not interpreting any law like this is understand that. Well, the the most recent one was I believe it was yesterday where a district judge that's still considered a federal judge, right? Federal judge shut down the president's plans to not allow asylum seekers when they enter the country illegally to claim asylum. They have to go through a legal, you know, like an actual point of entry to do that. So they have to actually go through the. Process that is laid out for them to go through right? Well, okay. So let's talk about that. Because the law is the act the refugee act is kind of ache on that. So basically, there is some wording that says, basically, if you interpret it the way this judge interpreted, I guess as long as they get inside the United States or get to the border. They can claim a Silom. Now, this one of the reasons why got out of the Marine Corps, and it's probably just military wide because they make you do things that just don't make sense. Like, there's like guys commonsense. We don't have to use commonsense here. This the refugee act was enacted in nineteen eighty they obviously had no idea that there was going to be this tactic of two thousand three thousand whatever people just flooding down to the border. They didn't think about that. Now, that's obvious that people like now be like okay now, maybe we should use commonsense here. But of course, this is all about judicial activism here. So he doesn't really care. He went off of a lawsuit from the southern poverty Law Center for crying out loud and the ACLU. I mean, it's got activism written all over it. But so the law states that basically is long as they're here. However, they got here they can claim asylum. Now, those are kind of built off of also like UN guidelines, and again, one of the reasons why these mega super, you know, treaty organizations like the UN e you whatever how you can see the dangers where this can encroach on your sovereignty if you're just going along with this just because it's right for this country at this time doesn't mean it's going to be right for another country at another time. But this is one of those things where this is a judge that his entire job. His entire re reason for being is to ensure that law and order is being maintained in the country right now, he's agreeing to put an injunction to help people break the law to then apply for asylum. I just I'm wit's end on this. Now the injunction I think only lasts until maybe mid December. And then they'll be another decision made on it. But I mean, I just. I'm at a loss. Like how bad is this going to get? I mean, mean. I'm an idiot. So I don't know how that all that process works. But is it possible just to be devil's advocate? The judge could do the injunction to send it to to a higher court to let them kind of really analyze it and figure out what the right course, of that versus him just being he might just be activist judge, right? But he's a he's an Obama appointed judge. That would be possible. I don't understand really what you would even get out of that. Because I'm I'm assuming that this court would say the president has jurisdiction here to decide who who doesn't doesn't come into the country. He just doesn't want to be the guy to make Obama, man. I dunno ticket to somebody else. You figure it out..

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