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And he's shot sixty percent from the field in this series. Which was incredible. No coca is on another level right now and like i said luca is one of the rare guys who can control the game but kawai doesn't in a different way. He's not the vocal leader. He's not outspoken. but ultimately he's going to get busy on the defensive end of the floor. I thought that he finally slip over in guarded. Luca as a primary defender tyler who say that for game seven he. He was excellent air but just the way that he scored a basketball man. And when you talk about the faith in the clippers people also don't understand rob paul. George didn't have a training camp. Paul george had surgery on both shoulders. The one mistake that paul george had is. He stepped in the playoffs and called himself. Playoff p by when you're little underhanded you don't raw attention to yourself. You don't need to do that right right. The other guy they got. The guy who pooh-poohed messed up dennis schroder demanded to start instead say turn down his extension and said you're gonna offer me a whole lot more money and i hope he gets the money but ju- attention to himself so Go hair out now. There's no doubt about. And i just want to throw out. It was bernard king so also players bernard king was unbelievable ryan before he got hurt and hurt his knee. Play for the knicks. Mostly and kareem abdul-jabbar shack. And now leonard. And i'm telling you people keep living on the the hapless clippers and they're no good. They were the number one three point shooting team. They have guys who can defending the perimeter. Long guys. paul george kawhi. I liked your team a lot. I give them credit and sometimes ryan you notice. You played for ten years. You there's comes a point in the season you have to get over. Do you know what i mean. Like like you push through. And they were pushed to the brink. Nothing they face from here on out can be as daunting as what they phased will rock think. Oh no rob in. I'm glad you gave me credit. And i want everybody to know so i'm rubbing your face a bit. I was talking with you. Rodney pete and. I told you that the clippers had them right where they wanted them. And you guys. You got a late me now. But i picked the clippers from junk pickup truck. But you guys do to hear that they were down three two. And i said they found a defense for luka doncic. They found a better yet. You found a lineup. That's what's impressive about luca it's not one. Man is not a certain defense. They found a lineup that had size with terrence mann plan point guard who was absolutely excellent and game seven. A young pup is coming on and shutout to title for bench and patrick. Beverley plantations man. A lot of a lot of coaches wouldn't have the gumption. Do you know right on the money. And a lot of a lot of coaches. And i've seen it in baseball managers. You know. they always say i got. I got a Dance with with the with the woman brought to you. Know what. I mean What brought to the party. Or whatever know if she's got two left feet and you read and you get it right you got to move on and a lot of are afraid because if it doesn't work out you know they'll be criticized but tai lou is different from a year ago and it doesn't mean that doc is a great coach you a championship but it was time to move on and i think i'm just curious people still don't want you. I hear i see on social media ryan and all the other stuff. Oh give them credit to win the championship. I wanna hear no. You can't be like that if you just watch what you saw a team that overcame a guy put on some showing luca a team that shot fifty one percent from three in the first three games. You overcome that storm back you. You win three road games in the playoffs and you send luca home for this. He larry bird going home for the second time at the hands of the clipper in. Let me throw this out to you too. So may say you know. Why would you have tyler. Stay in doc rivers. Go what you just brought. Up is the difference. And i played for both coaches under both coaches tie. Lou in that game seven played. Luke canard heavy minutes and there was some. Dmp's they're terrorists. A man was a fourth quarter guy that had been doc rivers documents in a game. Seven goes goes seven possibly eight deep. He ain't laying luke kennard. Lenore was excellent. I was questioning lucas on. It was absolutely excellent. But that's the difference with thai lue because he ran our defense in defensively. He kept trying different things on luca and if he finally cry he trapped They hard showed on him You know the they tried to play ice. Oh ball one on one and see if they feel you know you could tire him out. The ultimately tired him out but he found a lineup. That work rob so you do have to quit it. Tie lue and it's sad to me. This is a talk for another day when you win a championship will the bron james i frank vogel life. Don't get zero. Nothing absolutely i. We want to hear from you. Eight seven seven ninety nine bucks or kawai and the clippers now the team to beat in the western conference. Or you still don't believe. Oh you a phony coney by eight seven seven nine nine six sixty three sixty nine. We'll continue that conversation with you next. It is odd couple on a magic city. Monday ryan holland's infra chris russo bussard rob parker here. You there right here on fox sports radio stick and stay or you might premature evacuate way. You'd be sure to catch. Live editions of the odd couple with chris broussard. Then rob parker weekdays at seven pm eastern four. Pm pacific on fox sports radio and the iheartradio app. Hey i'm doug gottlieb. The podcast is called all ball. 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