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Or entering New Jersey. Traffic every fifteen minutes your next report at eight oh, three on New Jersey one zero one point five. Jersey one one point five two weather. The next few days of rain chances on the climb around here. We'll see a chance of showers around tonight. Lows dropping down to the middle and upper forties. Rain showers around to begin Thursday, mostly cloudy skies, highs in the sixties, north lost seventy south and a warm and humid Friday with a chance for a few pop-up showers. Looks rainy towards Friday night once again, highs around seventy on and off rain and gusty winds over the weekend is mostly in the sixties. The best chance of rain is going to be Saturday list of a chance Sunday by the sparked sibito fifty seven degrees in Somerville. Fifty degrees in Avalon, fifty two degrees in English down fast. Traffic instant weather every fifteen minutes on New Jersey one zero one boy that one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five figures going out later, but Gilbert Godfrey don't put flow to myself, the Goodway theater mutiple Pittman, New Jersey and says Saturday night, we do trivia guilt. It's calling in nine hundred seven meanwhile, our own our own comedy show. Jitter Murphy and spend it precedence Sweeney. That is below would say they walked preschool all over New Jersey law over New Jersey, and they want to spend eight hundred six million dollars. Do it. Meanwhile, schools like Roosevelt elementary school, which is an actual school that needs to be here. Why because it's the law that you have deal grades first through sixth. They have their forty eight thousand dollars at school could close. So why are we closing some schools to open preschools or boost the funding of preschools which already not even required to be in New Jersey. You don't have to even go to kindergarten. If you don't want to go into state law in Jackson under jersey, one point five eighty a bus you. Oh, I thought you sneezed. I'm sorry. Mitro? Absolutely not me off the speakerphone. Just talk into the phone..

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