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So there are some episodes of tales from the crypt. When I go back and watch them now that I'm like, oh, I had no idea for instance. I had no idea that was Tim curry playing female character. Because clearly the first time I watched it. It was too scrambled for me to tell. Well in that episode. That's kind of mercy. But wow, it's amazing. The things people would will put up with in the search for for a story that they're into, you know, like the idea I always think it's funny that, you know, people watch like theater bootleg videos, like somebody will record a movie with a camcorder inside a theater and people will watch that. Yeah. This kind of look terrible. But I don't I mean people you they're hungry for it. They want that movie. And I guess you were like that too watching through through all the static and weird color variations. Yeah. That was how you got to watch it. Yeah. So today's episode for longtime listeners to your mind. This is essentially the same concept is the three creepy pasta Assode z- that I did with Christian where we would pick creepy pasta stories and sort of squeeze the science out of them. And I have to say we squeezed all the science out of creepy pasta. I don't think there's there's much left. So this feels like the next logical place to start squeezing hollering Thala. Jeez. Well, I'd say let's get right into our first selection of the day. All right. My selection here for first one is a question of fear. And this is this is one of my favorite episodes of rod Serling night gallery his horror anthology series that ran from nineteen sixty nine through nineteen Seventy-three. And then, of course, just eternally on the scifi channel during the during the nineties is this a picture of Leslie Nielsen with an eye patch in a mustache..

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