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See the first glaring airing snub is obviously the depressing lack of female directors nominated the La Times covered this neb saying quote. This year's Golden Globes director. Nominations proved the Hollywood foreign impress association. Still has a sexism problem throughout its seventy five year history. Women have been nominated for best director at the Golden Globes only seven times and Greta. GERWIG WIGGs still hasn't been nominated and quote. I Know Greta Gerwig film little women. Technically hasn't come out yet so I have no basis for knowing how good the movie is but like come on I is knowing my heart is good and I know based on nothing at all that it's the best movie of the year and deserves the directing nomination. I mean come on. This is a total stub. All Ma Harare. The Director of the movie. Honey boy starring Shiloh above spoke out against the all-male line-up for best director tweeting quote. Good morning to everyone. That's writing me about the Hashtag Golden Globes. I feel you but no This I was on the inside for the first time this year. These are not our people and they do not represent us. Do not look for justice in the award system. We're building a new world and quote other snubs. Include Robert Deniro getting nothing for his acting and the Irishman David do Bernie's Netflix show. When they see us got totally snubbed? People are super shocked. That joker got nominated for best picture and Todd Phillips Director of Joker got the DOM instead of Greta. Gerwig people are also kind of confused about Cate hate blanchette getting the nomination for. Where'd you go Bernadette a movie that came out this past August but is now kind of just a fading memory after it got some tepid reviews? Oh Ya And Game of thrones. This past season was totally unappreciated by the FDA who basically said. I don't know her to the show's final season. Aside from Kit Harrington's acting non at the show got nothing stranger things and this is us both also got ignored this year after being nominated in the past asked Okay and and can we swing back around to the Lion King. Just one more time. Because I can't wrap my head around it. Disney boasted all year long but this movie was live action action but now we're seeing Islam needed as an animated film. I mean come on. It's almost all computer generated. So that's considered animation. But still I was surprised to see it in that category did Disney Disney submitted as an animated film. Or what while the playlist wrote about this anomaly saying quote beyond say earning an original song nomination was a given but the Disney studios the film. Earning an animated film nod wasn't the playlist can confirm the studio did not submit for the Globes in this category and it's not recognized as as such the Oscars end quote on top of being nominated for a Golden Globe for best song beyond say's also gracing the January twenty twenty twenty cover of Al Magazine and the profile dropped today in this L. Profile beyonce as photographed by Queen and slim director. Melina at soukous and she's posing in various locations nations throughout the Crenshaw District of La some highlights of the interview include a moment wer- beyond sake confesses to shopping at target. I mean you'd have to truly be from outer space space to live in America and not shop at target ameliorate. She also talked about having stress. She said quote. I think the most stressful thing for me is balancing work and life making sure I am present for my kids dropping blew off at school taking roomy and Sir to their activities making time for date nights with my husband and being home in time to have dinner with my family all while running a company can be challenging juggling. All of those roles can be stressful. But I think that's life for any working mom and quote when the interviewer asked beyond on say what question do you hate to answer beyond say responded. Sanctuary hates getting asked. If she's pregnant adding quote get off my ovaries and quote. The interviewer are also asked to be on. Say if she ever reacts to negative comments about herself and beyond say responded saying quote yes I'm human in moments of vulnerability I try to remind remind myself I'm strong and I'm built for this. Thank God most of the noise bounces off of me after all these years and quote. I'm sure every day in the beyond say household is hectic to a degree but she's she's got to be especially busy today aside from the L.. Cover and her Golden Globe nomination. She also teased her. Iv Park collaboration with Dita's posing shots of what appeared to be pieces from an upcoming line to her instagram with the Caption Ivy Park January eighteen. The Hollywood reporter covered this and wrote quote. The superstar star singer joined Adidas as creative design partner in April and as part of the deal moved her. Iv Park Athletic Clothing Line under the umbrella of the German Fashion House. She she retains ownership of the brand. She founded in two thousand sixteen and quote so folks there you have it beyond say if you can believe it is a busy woman. I just pray that she. She has time to go to target today. Rapper.

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