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Ahead to context travel dot com. Again, that's context travel, walking tours for the intellectually curious. Okay. Well, let's go back to what we're starting with. The must do landmark. I derailed you, as you mentioned a couple different. Thanks. So you put the Willis tower on there. Where else do we need to get to in our first visit Chicago, The hacked building. Also, if visitors don't want to do both are just do one or the other. I mean, that's cool to as far as well as tower in the hack belting out the boat tours. That's definitely a must-do Millennium Park. You have to see Millennium Park. It's such a huge green open space, Right? And the Lakefront it's a little east of the loop. If were talking about that for reference Mideast a loop. And that's right along the lake fronts. And do you know that a lot of people don't realize that Chicago, We have this huge. Shoreline that were right on one of the five greatly, So really. Yeah, it's kind of amazing. And and that even talking about foreigners on target American people will were not necessarily the best at geography, but Yeah, Yes. So that's another draw. We have amazing beaches. The people probably don't realize because we don't border and ocean. So um, Millennium Park is right on the lake front end, It says, gorgeous the landscape, and then the bean, Oh gosh, the being yes. The cloud gate being its official New York. The official name is cloud Gates and it is a I don't know specific dimensions, but it's a very large culture and it's all steel or metal. I'd say thirty forty feet across reflective metal, reflective metal. Yes. You could easily take your picture reflected back, and it is probably in recent years the most photographed landmark in Chicago. Oh, I believe it. It's up very I can't think of what else we would be more photograph them that the So that's definitely one of the things that going gonna love in Millenia Park. What else should they see? So a newer addition to that, that area, near Millennium Park is Maggie daily Park. I wanna say it open maybe two years ago. I don't know the exact date. It's a multi Park and there is huge playgrounds for the kids, a very imaginative type settings for them to play. There's also in the winter, There's a skating ribbon that goes around the park, So can skate around the park in when it's not winter or whether it's not frozen, I should say it can be used for roller-blading. I think you could even just use it as a walking track. But there's also climbing laws. Anybody can try out the different climbing walls. And then they have I don't even know what they're called, but my kids did unless summer where they strapped him into these harnesses. And they were like jumping all over the place like crazy, like bungee kind of. Yeah, But they weren't jumping off of anything. Yep, yep. But it was really neat. They loved it. They had Ablasse. You can make almost a day added that the lakefront Millennium Park Maggie daily par. And the other thing I think a millennial perk that especially kids are going to joy in the summertime or those big fountains guess that are big LCD screens that are spitting water at people. It's better I would say very, very popular with Instagram Erzen kids. Okay. Yes. It does get hat here in the summertime. So I think it would be refreshing. And a lot of people would welcome the chance to cool off like that. It is need. That's another need. Can art installation. Oh, And speaking of art, not far from Millennium Park is the Art Institute of Chicago as in across the street. Yeah. I definitely recommend to everyone in You don't have to be an art connoisseur to appreciate it. I take visitors, They were looking when I have friends, it it and stuff. That's one place we always check out. So I've been there countless times myself ends. I'm sure I still haven't covered everything inside the museum, But definitely a must do. And there's a newer restaurant inside the Art Institute also. Tears. Oh piano, I believe it's called outstanding, outstanding food with Italian. And the space is beautiful. It's very modern. It's all white. And it's the light of really big window So you can see the league And what's happening along Michigan Avenue there. It's really cool. Those are pretty much the big one. So if you're going to be in Chicago, your first visit, I would start out there cleared out with with those big ones or a fear visiting for a short period of time. That will give you a good introduction to the. Eighty will, and we should say so you mentioned millennial Park in Maggie daily Park, but this whole green area is what? Like six different parks on one on top of each other that go on four. Mm, about a mile along the shore. And then at the bottom of them are also some of the better known sites like soldiers field, Field Museum, The aquarium, the planetarium and things like that as well. So a lot of the cultural venues are in this area as well. Right, Right. There's the museum campus. Yep. Which is just south along the lake there. There's Maggie daily Park Millennium Park men, then moving south from their Grant Park. And like you said, it's this huge Greenspace That's probably about a mile long. And then Museum campus is the official name core to another location of the planetary. M ends The Shed aquarium and the Field Museum. And I have not been in any of those. I think the Adler Planetarium is probably one of the most under-rated attractions in Chicago, especially Well, if your kids are science Geeks like minor. They would really appreciate it, but I've taken them to the planetary a a couple of times within the lasts probably two years, And they just love it. So I would definitely recommend that. And then the shut aquarium as basically next door shoes, The Adler Planetarium. If you're into query M's and see life definitely worth of visit the beluga whales are a big attraction there at shred aquarium. I myself haven't been there probably six or so years ago. And then Field Museum is just amazing. Love love love the Field Museum. And so that's also part of that Museum campus there right along the lakefront. And the Field Museum is a natural history Mandra history, Yes. Yes, sorry feel Museum of Natural History. Yep. There are a lot of really needs permanent exhibits, a big one people just love as the exhibit, any Egypt's and the mummies. Mm-hmm. And then of course, there's always difference temporary exhibits. I'm not sure what is there at the moments the the big one, But I highly recommend a visit to the Field Museum for him. The world's largest crossroads sued the T Rex sued, the T wrecks lives there, though. And then Soldier Field, which is where our Bears play. I guess if you want to say that because they're not very good bets where they show up, Let's say to own. That's another thing about Chicago, big sports town, many, many people here. Lifeline residents are very, very passionate about their sports income. So if visitors are passionate about sports a, We've got all the major professional leagues covered here. So. The definitely worth it to come and see game, Whether you want to go to historic Wrigley Field to see the Cubs play, or if you're a bears are NFL fan, and you want to go to Soldier Field. I have never been there myself. I've never been to ABARE's game. And I'm okay with that But if you're a big hockey fan like I am, You can definitely go see Blackhawks play at the United Center, which is in the West Lou A which you can probably figure out is just west of the Lou program that we're talking about reference. We'll have you were talking about going to see a game. I have been to see a game at Wrigley. 'cause I'm low ebb a baseball fan and a a nationally fan a real baseball fan. And meet you. The It is not easy to get a ticket because it pretty much sells out every game. And I went when they were losing. I went when they were not any good, but it didn't matter because the Cubs fans are notoriously faithful. Yes, we are It will teach you perseverance to be a Cubs fan, although Now they have recently won a World Series. But I think we paid seventy five dollars a ticket for something off stuff hub for the second. Worst seats in the stadium. Do you have any tricks

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