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Train accident in the Bensenville area in Long Grove at 53, west of 83 Watch for an accident there. A merry band about NEDA traffic center, reminding you to drive responsibly. It really is a matter of life or death. Governor. Pritzker says 30 for Illinois counties meet at least one of the state's warning levels for Corona virus. Tighter restrictions have been put in place in southern Illinois and governor Pritzker says to page Will and Kane County's could be next. Let me reiterate what I've been saying for months. Ours will not be one of the states that takes no action in response to rising cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Following public health recommendations will bring our numbers down and save our economy and let Mohr of our kids go to school in Illinois today, the state reporting 3113 new Corona virus cases in 22 additional death. The state and Chicago's Corona virus. Positivity rate is at 5.4% mayor Life but says she's not afraid to dial things back either. Make no mistake. We are in the second surge. And here's why we say this. Over the past two weeks, but daily cases have expanded to an average of over 500 new cases every day. The highest number of cases in Chicago is among those 18 to 29 years old. The numbers continue to take up in Wisconsin and Indiana as well. Indiana with over 1500 cases and positivity rate of 6.5%. Wisconsin with those over 3700 new cases, the positivity right there. 21%. The Senate is back in session today. Senators will vote later this weekend. A Corona virus relief plan worth $500 billion. The Senate Judiciary Committee will also take up the nomination of Judge Amy Cockney bear it to the U. S. Supreme Court on Thursday. After that, her nomination will go to the full Senate. Parts of southern Alaska are under a tsunami warning after reported magnitude 7.4 earthquake off Sandpoint, Alaska. The warning includes Cold Bay and Kodiak, which are both sparsely populated Apple is getting into the music video business today is the launch of Apple Music TV, a free streaming video service with original programming. It's much like when MTV played music videos, concerts and countdown.

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