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I mean, first of all, this is a point I don't know if you've heard this either Chris but Edward workman said Ilan's rigged pole and reinstatement quote unquote of Trump's account was a troll, nothing more. Truth, social agreement with digital world acquisition company explicitly states his post must exclusively be untrue social for at least the first 6 hours after being issued. So as the most easily owned lib in America, I get that I'm supposed to go, but I honestly, I don't give a you know what I mean. Whatever. I mean I was actually when that came out because I was one of my reactions was, oh, thank God I don't have to go on truth socially. We're truth toilet as I prefer to call it. And then I saw that, and it was like, well, great. And then he said, now I'm going to stay on truth social. And I was like, ah man, I really hate your site. I mean, why don't we all invade that? Yeah. Why don't we all just flood into truth so sure? Sure. You know, I look to a lot of people we love on like Sarah kensy or something. I do not see the information space. Andrew workman saw, I said, I'll be on this platform long after Elon Musk has gone and Donald Trump is in prison, you know? So I'm not leaving, you know, at one point I thought I contemplated, could I handle it if Trump was back? And then I'm like, I don't care, man. You know, I'm going to hear about him no matter what. I was on it. But he was announced for president. I like how succinctly you just answer the right wing trolls dinesh d'souza tweeted frustrated bitter and out of a job Nancy Pelosi leaves it's her turn to get hammered. And you just wrote you. And I think that's the best that can be said. Which didn't get deleted from a master. So let's get a little consistency here. Am I not allowed to say F you to Mastodon users? I don't know. So where do you come down on this special prosecutor thing? I swear to God I've been like all over the place this weekend on one side. I am cynical as hell about it. And I feel like it's an unnecessary delay, but you know, I'm also in the camp that says there's been an unnecessary delay for two years. So, you know, I'm in the camp that said, as soon as the phone call with Georgia Secretary of State came out, they should have been arresting it. Right. So, you know, a president or not, that's illegal. To tell someone, hey, can you please fake election results so I can win? Yeah, I mean, by the way, you sort of, you know, to that larger point you made on Twitter about these, you know, these BS investigations that we knew were going to happen.

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