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I ate up I wonder if they're gonna bust some seriously right I have a bus coming around it's eight you can hop on over here will take you there no charge don't nothing and you have bathrooms and it's your it's a paradise basically not what do you suppose the left is in charge of Austin say about this do you suppose they support it what do you suppose wow it's very funny because like in there like a deer in the headlights they don't know what to say but they do have a problem of course course Austin mayor Steve Adler said he appreciated any assistance for the homeless Himmler's whatever but he says basically that he knows best he says the city's efforts will remain are finding permanent housing for people in other words and by the way he says ultimately we don't want people camping anywhere also so like now it's well that's you can't but what what do you and your long in the camp and for businesses so to you by iris so now camping's prob bad even though you're dot letting com camp where they want Michael to right Bloomberg now which is why the billionaire governor I former would came mayor in and of New and York said City we're gonna is so opening the they're door going to to have twenty twenty Prez presidential take you off run they've got taken Bloomberg everybody Allstate announced property earlier and this now they're year going to that create he wouldn't a great seek a five the democratic acre plot nomination with a state only but and this in is a statement this is really today amazing his I love political it adviser meantime Howard Wolfson Vegas says Bloomberg is worried the current crop Las of democratic Vegas presidential candidates just passed another or not another well positioned effort a just another but effort in county like sheriff's habit office but even is investigating the different after two and teams it's also fishing very there innovative Denton creek found a woman's body and by the way your thoughts shots on this fired and in the North and Texas how to handle Serbian the B. panhandlers has led the homeless to the property folks being de listed that you see in the metroplex in the company bass the band things party you've houses seen as from well Israel eight hundred platform two eight eight W. the B. band A. P. came is after our number five eight hundred people died two eight in a shooting eight nine at a Halloween two two seven party in the bay area Las in north Vegas Dallas on harbinger Oscar Goodman lane was the mayor a recent of Las Vegas party got years out of ago hand when I when I would five fill shots in from time rang to time out for a and friend of Hackett mine Las Vegas lives as a whole nearby talk and show host says back in she's the day had her fill now it's his wife I again believe cloudy overnight Mrs low good of thirty Mrs nine Goodman right now it's forty three in Carolyn downtown Goodman Dallas from the anyway W. B. a A. mayor P. Carolyn newsdesk Goodman are just making brakes sponsored twenty four created seven coverage in past of W..

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