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This one hundred seventy five grand a year of current wasn't always looked deputies now how is it that she lives in a four point three milliondollar home how is it on one hundred and seventy thousand dollars year a seventy four thousand dollars your she pays taxes annapolis maybe fixes the plumbing fixtures how is that no no no i don't think we should go there is use black sees a girl being may trouble so i hope tucker carlson pursues this big time again we you know if we don't do it now it'll never happen if we don't do all of this now it will never happen because what's going to happen at some point if we don't do all of this now as people like her are gonna well make some headway in big keep getting reelected next thing you know you could have a democratcontrolled house of representatives and that would be just boom landlocked i i r clad gate comes down nothing gets done that needs to be done so let's stop fooling around not living anything get done that needs to be done republicans a if we've learned anything from this last election cycle anything at all we learn and and many are going to go see they're wrong toji dumb naseer sonal we try to tell years ago thorough we try to tell ya mm i mean i can't tell you how many times i ever democrats republicans two sides of the same coin there are no different they round stop being naive and calling for the election of republicans i already knew that i know that now i get it but but the last best hope we have is to get some with an hour after their name swift kick in the rear end and move them toward the right side of the aisle and get something done and that's the next a job at hand it's a i don't care what their their independence democrat communist whatever about by comes what i mean is if uh and being facetious but if they're conservative boom let's do it because we've gotta mix some headway or else the democrats are coming back to town maxine waters is going to move on up to an eight point six a million dollar home and the people los angeles get poorer and poorer the point we we need to be pursuing these things in again i.

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