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She thought that she was her mom was pregnant and her mom was gonna be giving birth. But the baby did not make it through delivery and they had to bury her little baby, and she was saying in that family Each kid had an opportunity to kind of raise help. Raise up a baby. They were born. And then the older ones got to care for the next ones that came soon was probably very young. Yes, and she was so excited about the opportunity to help out and then she Laid near his grave site at night. I mean, there's this really heart wrenching stuff, by the way it was the woman from Was it. Jennifer Nettles? Yeah, you played dollies Mother. Get up, and she did a really nice job. And then it was Ricky Schroder from silver spoons who played her father. And the little girl is from one of the soap operas. I'm sorry I can't recall. But she's from a soap opera. Oh, really? Yes. And she did a great job. By the way for Christmas I got from my roomie, Dolly Parton. So, um, Song Teller. Book. Oh, it's so great! It's so pretty. It's called my Life and lyrics. Dolly Parton. Oh, um, it's really cool because she breaks down every song. And what? What? The inspiration for the song Woz, and she gets a little bit of history over. It's really well done. The really nice like coffee table book. Well, that's nice. The twist turns and curls of all of her library. Yes, like again. I can't hear dollars boys ever since you said it sounded curly That's already kind of really girly voice because it's like, you know, it's got a lot of booty Doo doos. Yeah, and that little a Libya. Allan Lindh is the name of the young actress from the young and the restless young and the restless. There you go, who played the nine year old double did a great job She really did. I just thought the movie was very sweet. It wouldn't work well done movie. It was very sweet. I'm a country guy now, Speaking of which one of my favorite country bands Is Lady antebellum. I did not know that I love them. Okay, so they had the final number one song of 2020. As far as I'm sure it says for his country music goes, and they had the first number one song of 2021. Now this song actually came out in April. And it was featured on song Land, The NBC music show You Love. It's so well Done, it is It's the best. I really think this is like the best music show. So a Canadian singer songwriter named Madeleine Merlot presented the episodes ultimately winning song. It was called all Drink to that. Lady a made adjustments to the lyrics with one of the producers on the show, Shane Mack an alley They changed the title to Champagne night. And it is actually the first winning song from song Land to be promoted as an official radio single. So oftentimes they release them tow iTunes but never to actual, You know, they don't all make it to radio. This is a real deal. Legit single. Let's hear it here. It's a little bit of a champagne night. 11 boobs.

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