Reese James, Muller, CNN discussed on Monocle 24: The Briefing


So we do make that effort regionally it's important to to have arabs talk about arab affairs that europeans talk about european affairs often its and i believe it's lazy it is very easy to get the western male commentator voice on the air because it's just easier and we try not to their i wanted to ask you one quick question about achieving news in the world that we live in again of there's so much to consume ntb a sometimes just that voice in the background how do you produce good journalism and discussion and get people to pay attention i think it's the old fashioned recipe it's good writing mainly the difference between a boringly worded or craze tease for instance the big big challenge for television uses how'd you get someone's attention oftentimes people watch without the sound on so you're banners what we call banners and funds have to be compel getting people to to continue to pay attention after commercial break is very difficult so a very well written script on television i think attracts people i know as a television news consumer i stick around for certain anchors whose turn of phrase his way of saying things his presentation appeals to me there's the other thing that's very important i think is that a news anchors entire job is to you want the viewer to let you into their intimate space for just a few minutes a day to tell them what you think is important that day your presentation needs to be engaging needs to be borderline you know friendly you need to look people straight in the eye and not shy away sometimes from saying things the way they are my conversation they're worth hella garanti from cnn international and that's all for this addition of the briefing produced today by reese james and research by guy loots and james kitchen our studio manager was christie evidence the briefing back tomorrow at the same time joined enter muller later on monocled 24 four majority house that's live at.

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