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I've never been to Detroit before. Oh it's it's a lovely place. I know that does not like Reynaldo Lopez right. Didn't he grip on the show last week. It's a high e._R._A.. It's over five and a half. That's not good but the strike irate is there. He make a case here weird white SOx guys weird look at the numbers Lucas Jay Leno same story they get obliterated for large stretches of time and all of a sudden something happens and in his case got a point out Oakland Tampa. Those were two of the three good match ups that were quality starts out of the past three and during the time as velocity was up what looks like nick easily a full mph fastball which says to me did something changed a little heavier on the slider as well. There's something different about Lopez that makes me now even just flipping it in a week interested Oakland in Tampa on the road what is last three outings and Miami at home and it's a lot of strikeout. That's twenty five strikeouts over three starts so solvings ops things up yeah I agree and only one home run in that span so whatever he's doing keep doing it but come on. I mean don't dive. I've been deeply here. This is the problem like he died in the pool. You think of the deep end I mean it's the mets in his next outing. Basically the mets have the top three in the lineup and that's it like are you interested there because the schedule is good and absolutely this week I put in a couple public claims and I'm in the middle of last week after the two games there and it was speculative simply. I didn't have to pay anything big to get them. If you have today I'm not doing it. It's dangerous. What's what's not dangerous? What's next nick wants to know which back end of the rotation the guy you're confident and the rest of the way he's got met Muss Grove Golfman well? I have no confidence in guardsmen. I watched the heading against the phillies yesterday and he does nothing there. What a mess? He had that run in Baltimore where like like half season. We thought okay he's good now right. No no no no part. I defended Matt's this season. He had a batting in Philadelphia where he got Neria now but otherwise it's been okay Joe Must Grove over the past two months. I WanNa make sure that I'm right about this before I say it but I haven't been all that impressed like I haven't been a league and I'm like really is erase that high now what happened the Joe Must Grove. It's not home runs. It's not walks. He's just kinda hit -able right like didn't get like beat around and like by the cardinals in his last two they all did they all got it beat around by the cardinals series. I mean pitch rail against the phillies but that doesn't tell me anything I just he's. He's inconsistent. That's my issue with Joe. Must grow must grow versus Matt's..

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