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Okay. Yeah. Something like that where he is disappears after he retires and doesn't maybe not he's on its high profile as someone like Fedor. This really interesting. I mean, it's it's boring. And also, I would add Ed Burke played probably more aesthetically pleasing game. And one at Wimbledon Wimbledon was far and away the most prestigious of the four majors. I I think that probably goes into. It's it's interesting point. Yeah. Stanford rinca, basically. Is there any players that will end up being obscured because of Fedor dog Jovic countrymen are not but people who you know, at the end of the day at the end of their careers. You look back as you said at major totals, and how many majors they've won across across all of them. And you say, wow. Well, they won the same. But they don't seem like the same caliber of player. Looking back is that you know. Are we going to get to that point is interesting interesting? I think that happens a lot. I mean, I think you just sort of look at the math going forward and Mets talked about this a little bit that we're so spoiled. It's a joke. I mean if a player today wins use it as VERA of you're gonna win three four majors for your career. It's sign me up the notion, we're going to have this double digit major Witter's right now, we have three of them in four if you count Serena and Venus seven I mean, it's it's just comedy because back in the old days. You know, seven majors was made you John McEnroe now seven majors in you're not necessarily a standard. Exactly. It's going to be an interesting correction period for tennis. But anyway, good conversation with Matt's. Always always a favorite man of the people love like all, right? We will have another podcast next week. Thanks to match. Thanks as always to Jamie, pleasure. Remind us as you do each week. If people were so interested in subscribing or leaving reviews where might they go about doing them. They go on apple podcasts, and they can click subscribe. So that they get their podcast delivered to their phone. So they can download and listen right away, and they should leave review from Jamie. All right. Thanks, everyone for listening. Keep suggestions coming. We'll do it again..

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