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Say they do go get him. Or maybe they make a move and go get Kyle. I dunno or Josh Rosen. Whatever it is. I can understand how in our eyes on paper. That's perfect for rookie quarterback. I got saquon and Beckham. Well, if you're a rookie quarterback having Beckham and everything that he brings chaos doesn't help a guy. That's not maybe doesn't handle it. Well that kind of chaos, so maybe it's a little bit better to have deployed saquon and golden Tate's a catch machine. I mean, he called me we talked about this the dude like catches everything has direction. So I kind of wanted him, but but the not at that price. Yeah. That's too. That's way, too. I thought maybe the Cowboys be interested. It's funny because I'm curious if the Cowboys may have been interested in and the giants have crap we can't let them have him. Let's go over pay him. That's more than likely what happened either that or the giants kept reading how everybody was completely upset with them for what they did. And they're like. We got we got the next best guy. Right. Because that's what the giants could be thinking in. This instance is like oh crap. Everybody really thinks that we're done. So let's let's do this same. We're smart. No. You're still dumb. You really overpaid for this guy. And just just so we're on the same page or maybe we're not say twain Haskins Kyla Murray. Josh rosen. Sam darnold still better than all three of those. Yes. The guy they could have had but didn't and took the running back the age of icing off Sam darnold. Okay. So you're asking the wrong guy. Kevin love Sam darnold. I mean, I love them. But I certainly take him with more upside and a better career than Cuyler twain Haskins and Josh Rosen. I will put a put a hamburger bet on Tyler's career. If you're cool with that. Now, I have to root against Cuyler. But yeah, I I feel like I like Cuyler more than I will Sam.

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