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Finish marks. That was cut short yesterday in the death of Garrett Austin, Reporting live downtown Austin, Baby New. So there you go. Listen, it's Ah, It's a tragic loss of life. And I feel sorry for the family. They've lost a loved one. It's It's very tragic. Nobody should die like this, but he's not a martyr. No, no, he's not. Hey, could legally carry that. That a k 47. I'm just warning Why? Why? Why? Why were you carrying a loaded? 47? Why were you going to the quote? Air quotes on the radio, Peaceful protest, felt you needed to have a loaded semi automatic weapon with you. I think and I'm listen, I'm not trying. I'm trying to understand and tryto. I'm trying to figure out why why he would do that and trying to understand why, and I think and I'm not trying to speak for the black lives matter Movement, but I think some of those supporters would say Yeah, because we see cars ploughing through crowds all the time. If the's protest, there have been a few, there have been a few people get run over in these protests. This car's try to go through show, but it's not your job to point your 47 to stop. Traffic knows that's not your gig. Well, here's what Greg Asar of the Austin City Council had to say about all of this. I'm upset and saddened by the killing of Garrett Foster assault video of a car speeding into a crowd and it was horrifying. Yes, he did. I'm sorry. What video? Did he see that He sees some video that that's you know, everybody else hasn't something You saw What he wanted to see what the hell you're talking about, Gregorio. Well, he goes on to say demonstrators shouldn't have to risk their risk Death to advocate for civil rights. But this is clearly where we are in this country. He goes on to say, I'm pressing for all information about what happened to be made public. But at this moment, I know nothing Maura than what is in the news. I'll keep you posted. Here's what the mayor tweeted out last night. In a split moment. Three guns were drawn. Eight shots were fired in a protester was tragically killed. This is horrible, as is all gun violence. There are too many guns. Our city is shaken. Like so many in our community. I'm heartbroken and stunned, And that's what the mayor had to say. All right. Anything. Ah, anything for this. This driver this vehicle that apparently looks like just found themselves in a situation that they didn't plan on being in. Yeah, Now, I I don't know that for sure. I don't want that way. We don't know anything about the driver. It all. We don't know, but I'm just going with my gut here. I'm just going with what it appears to be, is this guy was not there to try to mow anybody down. I have a feeling this guy didn't have a dang thing to do with any of this other trying to get from point A to point B. It's like, what am I doing in the middle? Now? My car's being attacked. You don't want them not rifle in my face. I'll be honest with you. I'm grateful that that driver and I'm not going to call him a suspect the way other news outlets are. I am grateful that driver had a gun. Because if he didn't have a gun, he probably would have been compelled to push the gas pedal and go run over some people. Because this is a large group of people banging on his car, shaking it, moving it threatening. I mean, I could see where some people could be so frightened that they just got it to save their own life. And you know, Foster and again. I don't know this for fact, but but the fact mere fact that he was carrying this a K 47 down to this peaceful protest. Tells me that he was just on the lookout for anything. And maybe maybe I don't know. Was there something and I think he was kind of hoping for it. I think he was looking for trouble because I got a video of him talking before this incident, he was that's circulating all over. Cyberspace will play that coming up. Hey, the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, in partnership with tanks dot is constructing three flyovers of the convergence of the 2 90 toll road in estates, 1 30 linking those two facilities together. Here's something really called North Mountain Stage. 1 30 drivers wishing to take advantage of this new fly over the westbound to 90 told you cannot use the newly opened exit for 37 b. That's located just north of Blue Bluff.

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