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At least for a while the tolls will be eliminated lieutenant governor Jeanette Nunez says this will affect the economic development I'm not only South Florida but also the entire state traffic not only from a safety perspective but from mobility access is something that we are very focused on in this administration there is no timetable for the work to begin but when it does highly senator Manny de as junior is asking for patience and I have some pain involved that it was anytime you change these things are cratering US news radio six ten WYO D. veterans suffering from PTSD or pushing back on one effort by lawmakers to limit the levels of THC in medical marijuana states senator Jeff brand is an Iraq war veteran says lowering THC levels could make things worse for patients seventy eight she's would reduce the amount of medical effectiveness of cannabis and will cause many veterans to rely on unsafe untested options including moving to the illicit market to manage their needs the proposal would cut the amount of allowable T. H. C. in some forms of marijuana for as high as thirty percent to ten percent will markets at another terrible day to get the details from Bloomberg in our business another deep red day for stocks after federal health officials issued a warning that the corona virus outbreak could spread here the Dow plummeting eight hundred and seventy nine points within three percent the S. and P. gave up ninety eight points the nasdaq dropped two hundred and fifty six points federal reserve vice chairman Richard Clarida spoke in Washington he says it's too soon to say whether the fed will change its economic forecast because of the virus home prices sharply higher in major US cities in December overall up two point nine percent from the year before.

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