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News, 93.1 kfbk. It's 6 40. Let's get some traffic and weather together for you right now. We'll start with a F B cased in has brought you by Mercedes Benz of Stockton right now, downtown to the split. Kitty's gonna be about a seven minute, right? No delays there. If you're heading to Roseville from there, it's gonna be eight minutes to Douglass Boulevard on eastbound 80 going L grove south on I 5 12 minute. Great for Ah, right there. 99 also a great ride. If you're going south bound, that's gonna be actually about 10 minutes. Is North bound where we have the problem that starts at Let's see about macro that goes up to Florin. That's because of an earlier accident at Florida. They're so delays await downtown in Folsom, by the way about 21 minutes right now eastbound to 50 because of an earlier accident at the transition there 99 Cap City traffic is backed up all the way to I five. Otherwise downtown to Woodland north on I 5 16 minutes, nine minutes downtown to Davis. Westbound 80 Happy New Year from Mercedes Benz of Stockton. Have you checked out? The amazing Metris and sprinter vans So many uses. These vans are gorgeous and gonna be customized to do it all stopped by Mercedes Benz of Stockton today, the whole 55 of the eight mile road. Exit or MB of Stockton. Com traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1 kfbk. Thanks, Dina and brought you by Bill Brothers. We've got a look at your KFBK forecast. Increasing clouds expected for tonight will also see areas of late night fog Tonight will reach a low 42 44 that fog will continue into tomorrow.

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