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And yes home of the sterling McCall Toyota Bryce recall Toyota dot com accidents and alternates coming up from the Gulf coast windows dot com traffic center this report is sponsored by A. T. B. now through October first get free next day curbside pickup and delivery with ATV it's as easy as placing your order online and letting ATB's expert personal shoppers do the rest subject to availability see ATV dot com for details your Houston news weather or traffic plus breaking news twenty four seven news radio seven forty K. T. R. H. station tropical storm expected to make landfall Saturday I'm Marjorie Martin it's five thirty on newsradio seven forty KJRH which traffic and weather together here's Katie London or is the end of the late now on these taxes rivet outbound it's about a five minute additional let drive cross timbers it's hit well accidents walking out the right lane the clear going up from the north valley west of family refused and that's still slow moving six in south loop west of forty five dollars and up in a related it's back to from two twenty five the Clear Lake City accident up forty five south at five eighteen I get a London to the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center tropical storm very may strengthen to a hurricane before landfall by the start of the week into the main impacts felt off to our east from Louisiana Mississippi few showers and storms this evening then partly to mostly cloudy with an overnight low of seventy nine sunny and hot tomorrow the chance for an afternoon thunderstorm high of ninety nine the scattered thunderstorms into the.

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