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That like they're trying to. It's like paying off the Mafia to leave you alone. You know, like we're going to do this just in case, you know, I don't want any bad luck or not. I need to think. Well, that's not a biblical view. Bad luck, either. Your faith is in God and you put your trust in him. Or what, you're you're playing this like game of, uh, it's it's not really your living in half measures, and you're not really willing to acknowledge that there's a demonic realm. But you're willing to say what I better not work on her ladder right there, Not do this. I better do that. And you're living your lives in fear. And of course, some people has really takes over their lives. On DH, So I think that again. We want to be open about what Israel and what is God's answer, and there is a realm a spiritual realm that hates God and it Israel and we need to acknowledge it. And again. I think there's so many people listening right now. They've got your stories. I think it's important to know Jesus really is the answer to this. And frankly, many Christians They don't have. They don't walk in the authority that Jesus wants them. Tohave. We're supposed to have his authority. We're supposed to be his ambassadors wielding his power. We do things in his name. The demons should tremble, but I think they're many Christians that tremble at the idea. Of demons. Absolutely. We're afraid of, and I was in that moment. I didn't know what I didn't know why That thing happened. Right? And I said to my wife, you don't understand. She had no damn. I'm on the phone right now getting this book offer that I never even filled out a proposal for but it became very clear moving through the project. This is something I'm supposed to do. I've been kind of haunted by the fact that we're afraid as a church. I mean, look at what's happening in culture. Culture is falling apart. People are freaking out. People are losing their minds and I look around and we're not talking about any of the difficulty. We're afraid to talk about the things that aren't difficult, And here we are. I mean, we did a survey for this book as I mentioned through HarperCollins, and we asked 1100 pastors and church leaders, you know, do they believe that demonic forces have the ability to overtake a person over 80% of them? Said Yes. Do we believe that that demons are active today, 85% said. Yes, they are. But then 78% of those people said that pastors and churches are ignoring these issues. So the majority of them are feel. Yeah, This is important. It's riel. But you know what? Our churches are not dealing with it on ly 17% of churches have Deliverance ministry, right, So it's And even that's controversial. Some people don't think we should be doing deliverance in the book talks about what Deliverance is a swell, which is basically we're going to go to break. I want to come back right to that for a final segment vote stuck in a Billy Hallowell. The book is playing with fire. Way ever forget that we're one nation under God. Then we will be a nation going under from the producers of God's not dead. This is not time for spiritual awakening. I need to be the man that God made me to be a movie so relevant for our times. One nation under God. Who do you think you are just expressing my freedom of speech now? Around here, buddy. One Nation under God winner, a 35 film festivals. We can cut gone out of the Pledge of Allegiance. But God will always be your starring Kevin Sorbo, Antonio Sabato Jr and football. Great Herschel Walker. Imagine.

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