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Now, here's the man who's been recognized as radio's best the recipient of not one, but two Christina's Marconi awards put his broadcast excellence, the one and only Bill Cunningham. Buckling cunningham. What a Sunday night. What a last week. It's been would you say this was the greatest week presidents had and maybe the last twenty or thirty years the week that Donald J Trump Ed course, little stuff like on Friday like a three point seven percent unemployment rate, and you wouldn't get that three point seven percent to work if you put a gun to their head. He also cut significantly significantly refugees from war torn areas of the globe that we don't need their services. We don't need them here. He continued to slash at the PA. But of course, Cavanaugh Cavanaugh Cavanaugh Cavanaugh yesterday, Saturday, fifty forty eight to one we suddenly have two more conservatives on the US supreme court, and whenever I look at Ruth, Bader Ginsburg. I wish you well. Hope she lives a long life having left as courts to give the president the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett. We would have been my selection in place, a Cavanaugh, but it all comes down to cavenaugh Cavanagh and Cavanagh. And the likelihood in the next two years that there's going to be one or two more openings on the US supreme court fills me with emotions I can't adequately express man, I have such respect. Now, of course are always dead for the president. But Mitch McConnell, how about the courage and strength of a man what titanium? Gonads, and that is Mitch McConnell. What a great job Mitch. And I hate to say this Susan Collins, the moderate Republican from purple main this speech, she gave yesterday about three o'clock for forty five minutes was truly unbelievable. Unbelievable. I did not. I didn't think Susan Collins had that inner about Lindsey Graham of South Carolina that guy what he did. I think he played golf with the president this morning after he was on some of the morning shows. Unbelievable. The winners of this thing you have to say top of the list is Donald John Trump who delivered on his promise to change the judiciary right below him. Mitch McConnell right with him. Susan Collins, Lindsey Graham, and the other the other forty nine forty eight Republicans that stood firm, including Senator Jeff flake. No longer were criticize I'm done going after flake, and Graham and Collins they bought my Lord Lord. For the next two or three years goes, those three were the keys that going to change the direction of the United States judiciary back to his traditional home. Which is conservatism is staying within the four corners the originalist of the the textualist of the US constitution. It was fabulous. And what can I say the losers the Democratic Party, and the mainstream media, the mainstream media has lost whatever shredded credibility to head by pumping up stories like throwing ice cubes thirty two years ago to the ridiculous coverage of Dr Christina Ford over the last week practically everything she said fell apart in turn out to be a either a lie or misstatement. She gave us the names of four witnesses who refused to confirm the story that she told in fact, even her best girlfriend said it didn't happen. Unbelievable. Everyone of her witnesses either refuted or story, I had no memory of the gathering question. Also, the therapists notes never really came out accepted, the Washington Post, the Washington Post said that Ford originally claimed to reform boys who tried tried to rape her not one but four boys. She said she said she was in her late teens she switched it back to fifteen years old. She said it happened in the mid nineteen eighties. Then she switched up back to nineteen eighty two practically everything she said turn out to be false. Now, you gotta be kind to the woman because she's allegedly a survivor of sexual assault. But part of the deal is when you make certain assertions, and if they're refuted as they were by Brad Kavanagh, you gotta prove it supposedly she was terrified of small spaces terrified of airplanes. Then we find out from a boyfriend that they went on John's together, basically all over the globe. She went to Costa Rica. She went to Hawaii. She went to the South Pacific islands. She went to French Polynesia. As went to Israel. She went to Central America. She went to Europe all by being terrified of airplanes. Now boyfriend also said during the six years that he dated her and a sworn statement to the Senate committee. She never mentioned a sexual assault. Never mentioned the name Brad Kavanagh. She had no fear of flying. In fact, they flew around islands on single propeller airplanes sitting next to each other. The the second door theory was a bunch of crap because it came out that they wanted the second door in their home in twenty eight four years before the therapy session because she wanted to provide an entrance to her therapist to conduct a business as a psychologist inside of her home. She also coached a friend about how to take a polygraph test. She lied about that she also stole money from the boyfriend. So all these things that she said, Dr Christina Ford, simply fell apart and now yesterday or today, her lawyer, Deborah Katz came out to say that she doesn't want to pursue the cavenaugh thing anymore. Really she's done with it. So media turn out to be liars and thieves and crooks, and miscreants I've ever every description the second accuser, Debbie mir-mira dusting off the memories polling Bill Clinton on her as a freshman in college. No one supported horror story. Either. She gave four names the FBI. They checked out the stories of Ramirez shaken his junk interface. She must have been thinking of Bill Clinton. But basically, no one supported her story either. And then one of the silent heroes of this has been the porn lawyer. Michael Evan Eddie. Boy. He did a great job for the Republicans. He came out with such ridiculous anesthetic information that no one believed a word of what he said. In fact, it cast light away from a weight from from Dr Ford, and Debbie Ramirez and put it on sweat, Nick. The nobody believed. In fact, here's a quote from Senator Collins on Saturday, quote, some of the allegations levied against judge cavenaugh illustrate why the presumption of innocence is so important. I'm thinking in particular, not of the allegations raised by professor Ford. But of the allegation that when he was a teenager judge Cavanaugh drug multiple girls and use their weakened state to facilitate gang rape. This outland each allegation was put forth without any credible supporting evidence and simply parroted public statements of others that such an allegation can find its way in the US supreme court confirmation process is a stark reminder about why the presumption of innocence is so ingrained in our American consciousness, quote, unquote. So said Senator Susan Collins, and that was a beautiful comment. I love Susan Collins. I love Lindsey Graham, and I think Mike eleven and he's doing a great job representing the Democratic Party in east to keep doing it. Plus as far as supporting the metoo movement and standing with Cavanaugh, I read some way of an expert from the independent women's forum. Julie gun coming up later on. But Patrice Lee unwelcome. It's been on my show many times wrote a column son this morning Sunday morning. About supporting survivors and standing with Cavanaugh. She said those who promote the slogan set up a false dichotomy if you believe that survivors of sexual assault and abuse should be able to tell their stories and find Justice. I'm with you. That you then must believe the allegations of Christina Ford. Therefore, you must agree. The judge Cavanaugh is lying and you must oppose his confirmation. She said this is a false choice as a woman I can be sympathetic to victims of sexual abuse. But also care about the facts of each specific case if I was a member of a jury sitting in a rape matter. My sympathy would be with the victim. However, I want to hear the evidence or lack of corroboration and inconsistencies to make sure the correct parties identified and she goes on to point out the number of times the innocence project and others have exonerated through late DNA testing rape rapist who have spent thirty seven years in jail, including Gregory counts and Van Dyke Perry who spent a combined thirty seven years in prison on false rape charges. DNA testing showed that the men were not connected with the crime. And the victim later after they did thirty seven years in jail admitted that she lied or how about the Hofstra university case in which four Hofstra university men were indicted expelled from hostile their lives. Ruined about a gang rape of an eighteen year old fellow student in twenty nine the accuser later admitted that are allegation was fabricated. The authorities dropped the charges but the damage to these young. Men and their families were already done plus innocent projects go to innocent project dot com, they have hundreds and hundreds of men exonerated of rape charges. When later evidence came out, why can't the United States Senate understand that about ninety percent of the allegations of rape and sexual solder accurate but ten percent or more are not accurate. In other words, there uncorroborated and you need evidence. Which is a bedrock of American jurisprudence. This writer goes on to say as a woman as a mother as a sister and a daughter, I believe in Justice and fairness and the metoo movement. These values are not in competition to treat men fairly all victims deserve Justice, but Justice is not one-sided due process and fairness should be upheld for both the accuser and the accused for conservatives and liberals for women and for men. So when you look at the allegations of professor, Christina Ford, they completely fall apart. They don't exist. There is no corroboration. And so you can't say we support the metoo movement. And we also have to say that we believe in bedrock principles of due process and fairness and innocent until proven guilty. Those two principles are not in conflict except in the minds a Cory Booker and Kamala Harris and Senator Haruna of Hawaii when asked this morning, whether it's right for paid democratic activists to chase down Republicans in restaurants and elevators and airports. She could not say that is wrongful activity. She couldn't say that. In fact, they indirectly demand violence against Republicans and show you where we are Stephen Colbert the late show as a terrible late night product. I would never watch. But I read this on the drudgery. This evening. Ariel Dumez aerial Duma says a writer on the Stephen Colbert is the late show and CBS. She wrote at six thirty six PM on Saturday, quote, whatever happens. I'm just glad we ruined bread Kavanagh's life, unquote. You see this was never about finding the truth about professor Ford. She was used like a three dollar steak by Senator Feinstein and others to make public private information that she wanted to keep private because she fit their diatribe. It is unbelievable. And this writer for the CBS evening show. Stephen Colbert, aero Duma says it clearly, quote, whatever happens. I'm just glad we ruined bread Kavanagh's life. They wanted to ruin him for the sake of ruining him because he didn't vote the way they wanted him to vote, and he was nominated by Trump who they hate that sums up the entire difficulties with Democrats. They now try to dig out from their own rubble for the coming midterms. Suddenly, they were woken the Republican conservative majority. And now, we're more energized a vote than we've ever been because the Democratic Party has shown us their backside, and it's an ugly backside. Let's continue to take your calls. We have thousands on hold millions. You're listening the heroes of this fight. Didn't think I'd ever say this Senator Susan Collins is a hero. Lindsey Graham is a hero. Mitch McConnell is a hero. Unbelievable. The losers the mainstream media peddling and lies. Relevancy Senate Democrats demon Kratz, demon rats and some of them call them the Senate, demon rats and Michael Evan Eddie. Who's a loser in a sense? But I want that guy to continue appearing with Anderson Cooper, and Don lemon every night. You can put them on keep Doan. He's doing a great job. So let's continue with more your calls at eight six six six four seven seven three three seven coming up later is that same Julie gun lock in the independent women's form. Talking from a woman's a mother's perspective. And also later on is Jesse Lee Peterson live from Los Angeles. Bill cunningham. The great American live with you every Sunday night. Seventy two point nine south Tampa..

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