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Thanks for bringing us a look at weather here. On c. she'll let's talk to blow salsa and bright and early this morning after the primaries voice okay let's start with the results here this morning governor Lieutenant governor what happened Up to. Tim walls and Peggy Flanagan won with forty one percent of the vote in Murphy came in second with thirty two percent of the vote on the Republican side Jeff Johnson Donald Bergstrom won with fifty two percent of, the vote and really. That night turned into kind of a story of turnout because turn out in both parties higher than previous primaries. Probably since nineteen ninety eight certainly synthetic ninety four and and of course on the. Republican side Jeff Johnson defeating governor Tim plenty is, a little bit of a surprise and a little bit of an upset in the bigger upset the bigger part of it. Is the turn out with high in the plenty folks they wanted, high turnout in order to be victorious but the high turnout which is double what. It. Was lifetime turned out not to be the. The winning factor. For Senator Smith defeats Richard painter handily painter only got thirteen percent of the vote. And so that matchup will be Tina Smith versus, Karin Housley and then on the other race mclovin face Jim Neuberger both of them won their primaries easily attorney general boys Keith Ellison with very impressive win on. The DFL side he has just under fifty percent of the, vote? And then on the. Republican side you have Doug wardlow a former, state Representative he won handily with forty six percent of the vote so those two. Will face off in November we. Already, got our. First debate coming up this Friday already right we do Doug. Lunen Minnesota chamber are. Gonna. Hold up in Nicaragua. And I'm trying to figure out how I wanna, drive up to Nitsana Friday morning let's just put it that. One hey hang on I want to get, a lot, more to ask you here just a couple minutes okay He's. Boyce wholesome morning take talking about what happened last night he, was? Up late last night. Covering it for us right here on w., c. show we'll talk more about some other things that are happening it is six. Twenty one right now temperatures sixty. Eight, got a. Few clouds north winds of three do point sixty two degrees..

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