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I went one time i dropped. Amanda bines gave me a laptop has wrapped on it. So do you cut for anyone else listening. So that's the dream. I had and then as a kid. This is very lovely. My my i the thing. I wanted the most host the american girl doll and was in first grade. My friends and i were really into american girl dolls but my mom sent me down. I know we've talked about the sometime on apologies do it again. My mom sat me down on my bed. Post six years old and she said i am. I talked to. Jesus santa and we all agreed that we don't for an american girl doll yet and i said yes yes i understand. Sounds like the council. The elders smoking and i accept it. We'll think so. The next year. I did get house if it was like this religious experience for me. What about you man. Yeah. that's probably one of my favorite stories about your mom. I'm trying to think of. I've ever like given or seemed gift in a dream. I'm sure i have most of mine are usually like i. Don't think of the top of my head but let's see. I like like top top gift from like christmas specifically or just angry man. Yeah truly like if you ever got to give that really for some reason it was very thoughtful or just a religious experience. Jesus santa rosa. I know here. We're gonna tell about a disappointing..

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