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When we got to live with it, it's one more question I got before we move up and move on to the upcoming field that you all are doing to kind of unpack some of these traumas, which is triggers, but you said something that I wanted to go back and give a little pushback on, but not in the sense of like combating it, but how do we solve it? And it was passion around generational wisdom and what I'm learning and even for myself after going through therapy after learning, connecting with individuals like yourself and getting mentally educated on certain terms like trauma and triggers and boundaries and things like that. You can't pass down wisdom that you don't have. And so it's a lot of the stuff that we want to pass into the generations, but we don't have to even think about financial wellness. We want to pass that on to our kids, but we wound up putting our kids in the same predicament because we don't have the tools to necessarily get ourselves up. And so I'm thinking about that to see what your perspective will be on it. No, great point. I think that's part of the issue. I've always called for every program that I've been a part of, I've always tried to initiate some type of parent or caregiver or guardian like programs. In other words, every program should have a parent component. Because to your point, many, many parents, and they'll tell us in emails or calls. Like, look, mister Brian, I don't know what I'm doing or mister Bryan, I need some extra help..

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