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I i just go down the list i think braxton burials helped himself as much on special team does is it was wide receiver dj gallons lsu yep james washington had a good week whereas marcel eightman his his running made it oklahoma state was was a little up and down about tyler kankkunen surprise coming out of central michigan i think he's a late round pick just really consistent we can kept showing up whereas some of the other bigger name guys were a little bit more radic ease i'm not saying he's as talented as gifts sacchi or fumagalli i'm just saying he he had a really solid week the best player there was probably you could argue isaiah win the guard the tackle from georgia who kicked inside the guard and was absolutely dominant hernandez is another one who had a really good week it that the offense of guard position take one lewis played really well outplayed a lot of other bigger named ohio state guys and guys from alabama and those schools markets davenport i was inconsistent early in the week and got better as practised went on in which dominant in some some points in in practice and gained type action he's going to be a first round pick is my guest when it's what it's all said and done couple more bj helen justin jones both the nc state guys i thought i'd really consistent weeks shack griffin schwab this dude i mean everything he's been through without the hand and got invited rafsanjani yesterday got invited the combine congratulations to shut griffin he earned it he earned it before the senior ball and then he kind of sent out a message during the senior bolkus at two hundred twenty two pounds i know he's never going to be an elite edge russia in the nfl but he just kept shown up when he was game action against really good talent and he showed that he can play off the ball a little bit and i think he's going to be a really good special teams player and then find a couple smallschool guys darius leonard from south carolina state had a really good week at the linebacker position and michael joseph from dubuc had a strong we were just talking about earlier caper and.

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