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Earth the earth without the field, and basically used an aerosol can and lit it on fire and burned the peach bits. Three months, gentlemen. And we're back in the stone age a full year the field collapses, and that that is since dramatic but Kojin version of what can happen to the earth's surface in the absence of magnetic field. Throw out. The earth's magnetic field protects the atmosphere, and it's the atmosphere, which is an important temperature regulator for the planet without a magnetic field. We would have a average surface temperature about minus eighteen degrees celsius. That's kinda cold minus eighteen celsius is minus sixty four point four degrees Fahrenheit, as an example Mars, no longer has a magnetic field in its surface temperature is quite cold. So without a magnetic field in place solar radiation can strip away the atmosphere. You strip away the atmosphere, and you take away one reservoir water, and you allow the surface reservoir of water to also go away. So without a magnetic field. Basically, we have no water to put it real simple. Here's a fun little call back. Remember that episode? We did about what it would take to destroy all life on the planet. If not it's an episode called afterlife. And you can check it out after this one. The basically we. Talked to scientists who tried to figure out what it would take to completely wipe the earth clean of all life. And they decided that to do it. You would have to boil the oceans and their conclusion was that it would be really really hard and unlikely for the earth to be hit with enough energy for that to happen. But they did not consider the possibility that earth might not need to be hit with any energy at all. If we lose our magnetic field. We will lose our oceans to okay losing arm. Agnostic field is unlikely. So even if it doesn't get that week, depending on what those warring magnetic field factions wind up looking like during the reversal some parts of the planet could still get kinda dicey to people who are worried about electric radiation track. Collective creation. What will happen to the planet when there's a smaller magnetic shield planet. They tend to be a little bit more worried they tended to. I think that there will be more access to life. They will be more radioactive access to the surface, the more access that radiation has to us the worst. It will be wanted to scientists..

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