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Police in Salem, Oregon. Report. Multiple people are dead following a hostage standoff that led to an officer involved shooting suspected a hostage taker among those killed, But the Marion County, Oregon Sheriff's office so far not saying how many people were killed, who killed them? Or what led to the shootings. President Trump announcing the government is sending 150 million Rapid Corona virus test kits to state governors. The's No Abbott rapid point of care tests are easy to use and return results within just minutes. You'll have Ah result at a maximum 15 minutes machine. No machine is required to process then. The president says he hopes the states will use the tests to reopen schools and businesses as fast as they can. Announcement coming up the same day the number of deaths play above the Corona virus worldwide topped one million more than 20% of them in the United States. The president will join Joe Biden on stage Tuesday night for the first of three scheduled presidential debates. Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace will spend 90 minutes moderating the debate covering President Trump's and Joe Biden's records, the Supreme Court Corona virus, the economy, the integrity of the election, and race and violence. Case. Western Reserve University in Cleveland Clinic play host to the debate. Like most events, this election cycle, it will look and feel different. Fewer than 100 or so people are expected in the debate hall, including Ticketed guests. Media security in health safety staff. Fox's Jared Helper in the Ohio National Guard has been activated in Cleveland, helping to provide security for the event. And it was just Cleveland police with protests if needed. Several New York City residents report receiving mail in ballots with return envelopes containing the wrong names and addresses. Others report receiving ballots. Mark is for military use. New York Board of Election says it's a vendor is listening to Fox. Tonight, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden face off in an epic showdown to decide the future of our nation. This is the most important election.

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