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John MacCulloch show is brought to you, in part by Dr Richard Klein at the Michigan Head and Neck Institute. Hey, Welcome back. Everybody is his pack Colback filling in for John McCulloch. And once again, the full number if you want to call into the show is 1 893 9385 Once again. That's 1 809 to 39385 Now before the break. We were talking about a couple ways that we can kind of address the governor's overreach and our authority. We've got a recall initiative. That is a people led initiative, and you can find out more information about that at recall. Governor Whitmer dot com And there's also an impeachment push and the impeachment pushes, not a people led initiative. It's a legislator Light initiative, and it starts in the house. And all it takes is one Michigan. State representative to get the ball rolling on that so We can get into some discussions over why Nothing's been done along those lines right now, But I think we can short circuit to the fact that right now they're in the middle of an election season and, ah They see this is high risk. While I see what's going on with our governor right now is pretty high risk right now and ah, and what she's doing Tio R R families, which he's doing to our lives, which is doing too many businesses. Around the state. It's something that needs to be addressed. So Another way of going off in addressing it instead of addressing it specifically with the governor is to address the authority that she's leaning upon to make her state of emergency declarations and That is at 1945 302 Emergency Powers Act. And there's a couple different ways of going off and trying to repeal that act. The Legislature's attempted to pass legislation. Of course, she's vetoed pain, so there's she's not gonna have anything to do with any attempt to Take out the law that she's been leaning on for these executive orders of hers. The Ah, But there is another approach to this. And it's.

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