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Answer your questions. Some simple advice about simple living one of those every Wednesday and pretty soon we're going to do a house tour of Ryan's house my house, and you can see that all over at YouTube dot com slash the minimalists. And we're also doing something called simple Sundays right now. Every Sunday, we send out some sort of simple living. Essay or writing about about living more intentionally. So if you want those in your inbox, you can just head on over to the minimalists dot com. Sign up for Email us over there. Every sunday. We'll send you some sort of simple living tips tricks essays writings ponderings musings, so on and oh, and by the way, if you sign up for Email us, we'll never send you any span. But we will send you some show notes. Anytime you hear talk about the show notes for a podcast podcast, Shaun write something down in that show up in your inbox. Anytime we put out a new podcast episode. And the next week. We got Jordan harbor is gonna be on the podcast. We're gonna talk to him about starting a business restarting to business he had to go through a whole bunch of stuff recently. I'm looking for the talking to him he had to walk away from a previous business and start a Phoenix rising from the ashes of previous business because he had a disagreement with some business partners and he had to start he had to start from scratch. And so a lot of lessons. He's learned. Ryan you and I have learned. Lot about business over the last twenty plus years. Yeah. Definitely. We'll share some of those lessons with you next week. Ryan what else you got for us? You know, I just wanted to encourage people to read more and get informed. It's it's just important Mandalay. Stay abreast of everything that's going on with our road. It's it is a mean court culture that we live in and if we are just reading headlines, and if we're just reading memes, well, we're actually not that informed. So get out there. And and you know, like like, I always say, it's great that you guys listen to Josh. And I we think we're awesome. But definitely get out there and get some different opinions and some different perspectives address. The actual text of things I was having this conversation with our good friend shun the Haluk recently. He he works with me on how to write better, the the writing class that I teach and he was talking about, you know, we often talk about Henry David Theroux or someone like someone like that or Emerson. But rarely do we actually go back, and and and dive deep into the. Text of something. And and really understanding. Instead, we go and read the list of the top ten things. The Henry David throw set about simple living, and that can be helpful the serpent surface level level stuff can be a nice entrance. But then how do we go beyond the surface level? So yeah, we can do that by by getting informed and reading more reading different perspective Yemen. Hey, also got some voicemail comments commented. Our listeners check him out. Hi, guys. I'm on the loose. I'm from the Netherlands, and I live in Belgium. I haven't L tipped full Hyundai planning and gift-giving recently. I was listening to podcasts about black Friday. And I think you mentioned in Newport cast as well that although black Friday is very American phenomenon. It has Fred to other countries. And yes, it has spread to the Netherlands and Belgium as well. And the timing cannot be moped businesses in December the Dutch im- Belgians celebrate Christmas as well as Cinta class which. On the fifth of the Simba. Cinta clouds is roughly the same concept as Santa Claus, namely gift-giving, which actually creates a good.

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