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Why doesn't he play more? I feel like it was a morbid revelation in the sense of like, we haven't had someone like this. So let's see how high he can jump. And teams, this is before they were starting to game plan for him. And now I think going into the season, the secret is out. People are hip, and especially after that new contract extension. I didn't hear the whole study. It was true. But I think it was a Celtics have a huge, I don't know what the numbers are. I'm not even trying to guess. They have just a huge lead in alleged already this season. Some teams like never get anything. They don't even have these, like, not even close to it. And the Celtics are pretty high, pretty high up there already. So I imagine Robert Williams is a huge part of that. So it's not like it's not happening, but I think to John's point, you'd like to get him more involved in the plays, draw plays for him in some way, shape or form, as opposed to him just sort of being in the right place at the right time or grabbing the offensive rebound. He had a couple you had a really nice big offensive rebound tonight in the fourth quarter. And smart had a good one. It was defensive read. But when he got followed, that was a nice one too. Report is kind of got him on the head. But do you guys point earlier in the show? They're showing a lot more I mean efforts the easy word to use. But there's just something about the way they're playing right now that you didn't see purpose maybe. You didn't see it in the first few games of this season. And it almost felt like they just weren't ready for the season. You know, it was like they needed a few more preseason games or something, whatever it was. But now they're kind of playing with a little bit more purpose to play with some pride. And yeah, this is the game that they probably should have won by ten and regulation based on the fact that no Giannis, no Middleton. But this happens in the NBA all the time. You know a team's best players out and somebody comes in and they give it a good good run. And the other team might be caught catch, get caught in their heels a little bit. You know, it's the MBA. Everyone can play to a certain extent. You know, obviously no one is Giannis, but you can't just take a game off and expect a win. So the luckily I got to ease up on the gas at the start when they realized Giannis wasn't gonna be there. I think they came out very locked and focused. We conflating a little. Yeah. It was. And I think it took them a little bit of time to kind of recalibrate and just realize, wait a minute. Then I don't have Yanis. I'm dealing with his brother. I'm not dealing with his brother on you. Let me take the ball off the dribble and try to get to the right. You know, I'm dealing with pat Connaughton, who's a good player, but he and Chris Middleton. Now he ain't pat Connaughton. You got Bobby portis hold on guys. We got to pay some bills, so I want to tell everybody again quick..

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