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His name is ben rooney he is the son of former prime minister brian mulroney what he's while he's a billy bush excellent mazel a billy bush you look his portable like a cooler than billy bush totally he's and he's like a way better guy than billie but but i would say yes like actually i think a lot of our more famous can like just famous in canada personalities come from like talk shows in entertainment shows like not necessarily so news adjacent programming totally okay interesting totalling but you so okay and also speaking of canadian celebrities you are part of this long dynasty this to grassy dynasty which by the way was calling to grassi and i got yelled at other podcasts i'm sure you heard very rude you have a lot of fans telling me how to pronounce to grassy correctly so that's yet that is like a whole weird thing that started with the american network that the show islamic when the show was on the and all their promos they would say degree aussie wow and we're like where does that leave lost in translation not between english and english so you are part of this this longrunning kind of canadian entertainment dynasty of of actors who've been in who've been been to digress he high school so i guess my question is what is it like to be part of that in canada and also now that it's also in american thing to what is it like to come to america where'd you get where do people talk to you the most and what kinds of things.

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