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Four zero five eight four zero five animal radio celebrating the connection with our pets and I'm smiling because ladybugs just got off her brilliant the patch he just did a A number two number one and number two on the brilliant pad duty on it and As you know if you'RE A long-time listener we've been testing out the brilliant million pad for several months now and as well as about twelve of our listeners have been testing it out. We've had some amazing results last week. The founder Alan Cooke was on shark. Tank how you doing Alan doing fantastic. I Emma absolutely exhausted it their response. This show has been overwhelming while. This is very exciting. Of course shark tank has launched thousands of products it was so much fun and it was so so surreal. The whole experience was bananas. I mean the amazing thing. is you see the show on TV. You feel like you know the people who've been watching them for so long and yet you realize is your standing in the same room and I have no problem talking to people and in front of crowds in yet. I don't think I've never been in front of five sharks. They've never been in front of millions of people at the same time. It was completely crazy reading. You didn't look look calm and cool you know. I think I was fine. You know it was one of those things where the adrenaline kicked in the most nerve wracking aspect. Is You stand behind the doors first and then they open in you walk and I get behind doors. And then someone's house me on the shoulder and says hold on. We need to adjust something and the set. Please wait. It's kind of like your icing the kicker in a football game a so. It is a five minute delay. Then the other thing that happens and there's a whole bunch of articles talk about this once you walk through the doors. You don't start into your pitch right away. You stand on a spot and then you sit there for I. I don't know a half a minute a minute and what happens. Is the cameras. Go around to get lots of photography that's used elsewhere The data's need that they they need to cut in throughout the episode. So you had this really awkward beginning where you stand there and you're kind of waiting and of course the nerves is our building because you're ready to go and you just gotTa wait and then you and then and then it's like you see on TV. How long actually standing there negotiating I mean in the show? It's just a couple couple minutes. Is it a lengthy time that they cut down or is it that I was in the tank. A total of about forty five minutes. I I and I've been told that's typical in it. You're you're typically in there about forty five minutes to an hour the shortest tapings or as little as twenty minutes so some have gone on as long as two hours and yet they all boil down to what you see. NTV But the you know it's interesting. The show's been around the cast. The crew is professional You know I'm not a professional. TV person nor really anyone any of the other contestants on the show and they did a really nice job of just trying to make you as comfortable as possible. Kevin got a chance to smell the brilliant pad role. That was wh- whoa month old. Full in old douse the best part. Ask distinct to high heaven and I know people are going to ask about that. They're like how does the machine work. I got it way. Two seconds to the waste is going to stay there for a long time is neck and the smell and they're like no so when they asked us about it. We had a soiled roll ready to go. And he's like bring that to me and then he smoke a cigar completely bananas But when he said I'm I'm really impressed. I expected it to smell and it doesn't even the other sharks like the pass it around that. Make it to air. But they're all like were really impressed that this doesn't smell and we're so excited because that really helps us explain to people and show people how well brilliant pad contains the odor and first out of the gate was Kevin. He offered you what I believe at a half million loan or debt. Typical Kevin. Yup you know deal with all sorts sorts of Loan features and pay back but then Loria jumped in and they started negotiating with each other. Yeah we walk. We were very happy with where things landed in the end. Yes and Laurie. I gotta say she was the one that of course ultimately ended up investing and she is Very pet friendly she loves. Patsy has a few other pet items. Yeah she does a terrific job selling products she connects with women so many any of our brilliant pad customers are the same people that Lori already has a relationship with Emma. Really excited How we can grow our sales with her help? I have to wonder. Everything's great for dogs under twenty five pounds. But when you know I don't have a dog that's under fifty pounds. So do you see anything getting on the horizon for bigger dogs absolutely could so first off the machine's really strong and even though we say it's for twenty five pounds and under I could stand on the machine and jump up and down and it will be fine so as it is. We have some larger dogs already used brilliant pad if your dog can go on a Potty leap pad that's about twenty four inches by twenty three or smaller even heavier though have no problem on the machine and yes we are looking ahead to having a larger version in the future So Go to our website brilliant pad dot com and enter your name and email address We can let you know when the bigger motto. We'll be ready. Allan thank you so much for joining us. Eight really appreciate it. Thanks for everything guys. He posted. We'll do take a by Laurie. What are you working on well? Well there's a lot of outrage these days over shall I say fake service animals but it's not really so much. The service dogs you know are those who predict you know when somebody's going to have a heart attack or their blood. SUGARS GONNA drop really low. It's Or those that help you know blind and deaf people it's moreover what they call the. ESDP the emotional service dogs that are not really certified. We're talking about some of the things that are being done to try and curb the the fakery people buying.

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