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Licensed agents. There are some aspects of Jacqueline. Cochran's life and work and legacy that are a little complicated beyond the things about sort of fabricating a backgrounds and reinventing herself as a different person and all of that. She was such a huge advocate for the women airforce service pilots to exist. But then after the war when when everybody was trying to figure out like what is the role of women in the military she advocated against women flying for the military so women could be in the air force reserve, but not as pilots can you talk about that and this is one of those moments in time that Jackie is so complicated and She has a lot of supporters, a lot of the wasp just or so grateful to her and a lot of the modern women pilots thinks she. was a real bad ass. Can I say that? We just heard that recently. Good. Good good. but you know she she has a lot of admirers. The Air Force. Academy has her sword and a case in a write in a place of prominence and things like that. But Jackie was also very conservative when it came to women's roles and she was very conservative when it came to spending money. And she believed. And she says she she fought against women getting into the Air Force Academy because she thought it would be waste of money and. Jackie. Believed that. Normal women and she's this is these are her words normal women. Get. Married and have children. And so any money that the air force spent training pilots. would be a waste of money and a waste of time because all the women were just GonNa, leave and babies anyway. So this is the same argument that's used against you know giving women. Clerk ships as lawyers or giving women internships once they've gotten their medical degree if they've even better admitted to medical school all those same arguments against giving women those opportunities. Jackie used as well despite the fact that she was out there breaking the speed of sound and flying all these air races and doing all these extraordinary things. But she talks about that was her greatest regret that she didn't have more children that she. Didn't have a normal life I. think it's so hard. It was late in her life that she was saying these things I think it's so hard to put those two realities together of who she was. Even when she was young. And who she became and who she?.

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