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Imperium before winning the WWE intercontinental title last June. Stacks him up cover Michael. He's the new champion. That's one of the works the hardest. It's not like something you can rest on. For me it was clear the moment I won the Intercontinental Championship. That's like, okay, now it's on. Now you have to make something out of this. And I enjoyed a situation when there's pressure or expectations. That's the challenge for me to fulfill that or in short past that. Give her a full chat on my podcast beyond the fame. Jason Farrell W two news. Sports hit 25 and 55, powered by maximus, moving people and innovation forward. Depressing is here, it's basketball tournament time. That's right, women's college hoops in Wilmington, Delaware, Atlantic ten second round George Mason leads LaSalle at the half 34 30 George Washington faces duquesne this afternoon Maryland, Virginia tech and Georgetown play in their respective conference tournaments to borrow. Georgetown guard Kennedy font or lloyds voted the big east freshman of the year. The CAA men's tournament tips off tomorrow at the entertainment sports arena in southeast Washington, D.C., chasse Nicholas Timberlake and Delaware juri Nelson junior voted first team all conference NHL capitals after last night's overtime win or three points back in the wild card race with 19 games left in the regular season they visit Los Angeles Saturday NBA wizards guard Monte Morris week to week with a lower back injury Wiz host Toronto at 7 this evening on 1500 a.m. spring training baseball nationals will hit lane Thomas in the leadoff spot this afternoon against Miami while one time third baseman of the future Carter Cuban makes his 2023 debut as the designated hitter Mackenzie gores the starting pitcher for the one O 5 first pitch, break out the

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