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Hey, welcomes is the Ben Shapiro show. Got a lot coming up for you this hour. A little bit later on in the hour. We'll be joined by Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming to talk about AO see and her description of detention facilities at the southern border as concentration camps. I have been informed by the entire media that Shelly, she is right? Shalit's. You knows what she's talking about. Spoiler alert. She doesn't she stupid. So we'll. In just a little while as well. Plus, we'll get to a pretty interesting supreme court decision that upheld the power of a local government to have a cross on public land as a war memorial why this sort of stuff is even remotely controversial is beyond me. But we'll get to that we begin at this hour with the news that Iran has downs a US surveillance drone, according to these press around revolutionary guard shutdown US surveillance drone on Thursday in the strait of Hormuz marking the first time the Islamic Republic had directly attacked the American military amid tensions over towns unraveling, nuclear deal with world powers, two countries disputed, the circumstances naturally, the Iranians suggested that it was the US had moved into their airspace. Iran said the drone violated their territorial airspace US called the missile fire, and unprovoked attack. Donald Trump tweeted, Iran made a very big mistake, but Trump is sending some mixed signals. He was asked Pacific about what was going on with Iran. And he sort of said, you'll, you'll find out you'll find out this drone was in international waters. Clearly, we have it all documented, it's documented, scientifically not just words and emit a very bad mistake. You'll find out. You'll find out you'll find out. basely he obviously you know we're not going to be talking too much about it you're gonna find out amid a very big mistake okay so that makes it sounds though trump is actually going to do something but then he sort of swivelled and he later suggested that he had a feeling general or somebody being loosened stupid made a mistake in shooting down the drones this is him trying to brush past suggesting that he wasn't willing to take any sort of real action which means that around we'll do this again that's the reality of the situation iran is engaging an unprovoked attacks around is attacking shipping in the gulf oman and in the straits more moves iran is tacking american american roads now that's run by the way cost like one hundred ten million dollars you break that sucker you bought it on meg goodness but if ron doesn't feel any sort of retaliation they're going to continue to do this and it seems to me that these sort of retaliation that you'd be on the table is precisely the sort of taliation the united states wants used in nineteen eighty-nine and operation praying mantis we're in one day we basically took out their entire rinky-dink navy The nice thing about taking out the Iranian navy is that it is a discrete target. It is not anywhere near civilian areas in the middle of water. And also, you would never have to deploy really American troops to the region. We can just do that using air power naval power. They re that we already have their they will push us to the point where we have to do something. I don't think there's any doubt that Iran intends to push us to a point where we have to do something they're looking for that rally around the flag effect, but they may push us too far and then things would get ugly very quickly. Citing unspecified Ronnie, and threats already sent an aircraft carrier to the Middle East, deployed additional troops along Senate tens of thousands already. They're all of this has raised fears that a miscalculation or further is intentions could push the US in Iran into open conflict, forty years after Islamic revolution. Again, there's a difference between a military conflict and he full-scale war. We've done military conflict with Iran before this one day to take out their entire navy. The paramilitary guard which answers only to the supreme leader, Ayatollah Khameini, said that it shot down the drone at four AM Thursday, when it entered Iranian airspace near the Kuma. Barak district in southern Iran's Hormuz province is about seven hundred fifty miles southeast of Tehran. The drone took off from the southern Persian Gulf, and collect data from Iranian territory, including me, southern port of trauma, high near Iran's border with Pakistan. The us military has not commented on the mission because why would we why exactly the United States? Be answerable to any of the media are tempting to cast. Blame at President Trump preemptively. They're trying to suggest that it's President Trump's fault that, that Iran is moving into more militant direction. It is obviously not true. But, but the attempt to acquaint Trump Enron is ongoing. Particularly in the mainstream media, which Trump as the problem behind every issue. Nncholas Kristof columnist over the New York Times has a column today, called Trump and Ron may be on a collision course. And it could get scarier. He says they've behaved recklessly and giving themselves no face-saving escapes, who's this, they most hobby, the Trump administration has basically said, that we are not going to fund Ron's terrorism, and we are not going to allow them to develop nuclear weapons, and if Ron didn't want terrorism or develop nuclear weapons, guess what all the sanctions would come off tomorrow, but they do fund terrorism, and they do want to warn Yemen, and they want to fund the Assad government, and they wanna fuss blah, and they wanted to send him us, and they want to attack shipping in the straits of hormones in the Gulf. So that's them problem. The moral quivalent said that the New York Times is drawn between the Trump administration and probably the second most evil regime that probably goes North Korea. And then Iran. Pretty amazing stuff. Pretty amazing stuff Christoph says another Middle East war is the last thing we need funding. I don't remember him saying this about Libya or Syria, when Barack Obama was president weird. Around shutdown American drone on Thursday in the latest sign the President Trump and Iran supreme leader. I tell Ali eighty maybe on a collision course both say they don't want wanna war, but each feeds off the other. Yes, they're exactly the same one runs. A repressive regime, where they execute gay people, make sure the women have to dress in a particular way and shout death to Israel. Also, they attacked shipping straits and American drones and the other side says stuff totally the same. But nNcholas Kristof says both have behaved recklessly says we're facing very real risks of a cycle of. Collation cycles is were the I it's amazing how the media will come up with the idea that there's a cycle of esscalation whenever somebody bad does something to somebody. Good. If the escalating continues, nNcholas Kristof, Ronnie and proxies could strike Americans in Iraq, Syria. In other countries, there's also a risk of husband off, I rockets at Israel to trigger a new Israel, Lebanon war. By the way, if the United States took the clamps off Israel with regard to Hezbollah Israel would go in and wipe Hezbollah off the map in southern Lebanon. Christoph says this is all sort of wag the dog scenario American hardliners have had a dangerous obsession with Ron for years, egged on by Saudi Arabian Israel, who the nefarious drools in two thousand and two in the rump to the Iraq war. Newsweek, quoted a British official as saying everybody wants to go to Baghdad. Real men want to go to Tadiran Trump in his aides, nNcholas Kristof admits right around his repressive destabilizing. Untrustworthy. And of course, we trusted with nuclear weapons, but President Obama achieved a nuclear deal at verifiably kept Ron from developing a nuclear weapon for fifteen years or more. No. That is untrue. It kept around from quote, unquote, developing nuclear weapon for ten years while we funded their entire terrorism strengthened that ravine and provided them the resources to launch a snap of the fingers nuclear weapon soon as the deal was over. accordingly according to kristof it's all because trump that batman trump he blew up the nuclear deal he started a campaign of maximum pressure how dare he pressure in evil terrorist regime very very bad and then he says it's not impossible that iran is being framed is what kristof says oh sure we'll talk a little bit more about this in just one second i or halfway through the year but it's never too late to get started on the things you want to accomplish well maybe one of the things you want to.

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