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Okay but let's just finish work though so then i have now that it's me today because i still could use more press so i have in there my little cards at say hey all my social media my podcast this and that where am i i've now gone somewhere else i show up a couple of days i show up days later weeks sorry weeks later and just dropped off in an alley and i i don't know what happened i just remember sony hit my head i was in a dark room i was fed and i wasn't sexually assaulted but then one day they distraught me off in the sally and now i'm home and i'm ready to be funny again okay now that's one scenario and there's a lot of downloadable stuff on your website about you exactly sure now do you think that because of all these datelines and people watching them religiously as i have do you think there's going to there's more of these stories coming up or where the truly person was kidnapped but the cops were also fans of dateline start to think it could have been a fake kidnapping because there was that couple i mean the aaron quinn and he's husted up in the up in vallejo i mean that's exactly the story telling which is that which the police didn't believe them and they ended up suing the police department there and i think they just got up settle on a couple of weeks ago and you know they had to go through really unimaginable thing in which like they not only had been victims of this terrible crime both of them separately had but then like the police the not only did police seem to be not pursuing it but that their friends you know had to listen to the police say they made it up and they want to be on a reality shows i mean it was it was it was it was terrible of course they actually were crime victims in the person was arrested think at your program might have added to the thoughts of the police thinking that it was fake if you're trying to get us to do is show before you even stage this ridiculous this is not good because we're going.

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