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The government gets reimbursements from private insurers new jersey representative frank pallone the committee's top democrat said the dispute could delay can grow lionel action until the end of the year and accused the gop of trying to continue their ongoing sabotage of the affordable care act which was obama's 2010 law great walden from oregon the republican said while some of called these offsets partisan we would call them just reasonable no states are expected to immediately run out of funds to cover children because they can continue using unspent money but so are projected to deplete their money before year's end and are poised to take early steps lake notifying beneficiaries that the programme might be curtailed neither party wants to seem as they are jeopardising the program a similar bill one easy approval earlier yesterday from senate finance committee but that measure you're had no provision to pay for the extension after the panel leaders failed to reach agreement without a deal the democrats could force republicans to get 60votes to move the measure through the senate giving them leverage with this america's morning news where the nation's news breaks america's morning news america's morning did you know that nine countries around the world have already seized their citizens assets to pay down their country's debt or support their banking system known as what we call a bail in did you know that bonds mutual funds and cash can be easily seized while certain types of gold and silver coins historically are protected from government confiscation would you like to know the laws that have been passed to seize your wealth and how to protect your hardearned money did you know that the doddfrank act allows our government in its current language to do the same type of seizure on our investments that those other nine countries have already done with the they're citizens if you don't want the government to seize your assets.

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