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Crookshanks bounces out of a tackle and now very close to a first down needed to 29 that's about where he is. Through easily made the tackle. It is a first out for Rutgers. That was a big play right there. Huge play with the clock inside nine minutes now eight and 40 left. It's 31 20, Rutgers. Which echoes back at running back. Bedroll back at quarterback. Handoff to Pacheco, The Spartans have him Hemmed in in the back field, maybe gets a yard. A lot of wiggle on a one yard gain. Antoine Simmons makes the Stop. Second down and eight just br the 30 for Rutgers. They're up 11 8 minutes left. Federal has Pacheco to his right. Coming in motion. The tight end Haskins bedrolls throw left side. Caught in the 36 37 yard line by both Belton Senior from May's landing. New Jersey Michael Dowell makes the tackle at the 36 3rd down and three at the 36 Yard line of Rutgers. Now the clock's down to 7.5 minutes. Michigan State's down 11. Federal has Aaron Young to his left. Bo Melton. Wide side, Right? Said left Cruickshank and she mean Jones Crookshanks starts in motion to the right snap back to federal federal winds up throws it deep right sideline over the outstretched fingertips of Cruickshank at the 41 Yard line of them issue. It's fourth and three now for Rutgers, seven minutes left, they're going to have to plant That was that Was it almost gotta have it stopped there. Jason, You have to do that. With seven minutes or five seconds. Go in the ball game. You need a chance to have two possessions to score. Now, Much state gets the ball on the punt offense has to do something here to get points on the board. Jaylen Naylor waits for the punt at his 25 yard line to our left, Adam Course Act the putter, but Rutgers Low snap What bouncer? But you'll step into it. And a fair catch called for and that I dropped by Naylor. And if that turns it over to Rutgers, that could be a very, very difficult pill to swallow. Taylor Taylor called for a fair catch. Their.

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