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The top at 30 past each hour on news radio w F L A It is a pleasant morning, but temperatures warm up quickly. We'll make it up to 87 this afternoon, which is above average, plus a touch more humidity out there, and the breezes will be a little bit lighter, so not quite as comfortable in the past few days, we'll keep a few clouds around tonight with lows near 70. Tomorrow, even McGee or with a high of 88 enough humidity for a 10% rain chance on Friday in the voting forecast today, southeast winds eventually becoming northwest in the afternoon at 10 knots and sees it two FT. I'm Max. If integrate meteorologist least bad the UV index is 11 right now mostly clear 72 degrees in ST Petersburg, 61 in Wesley Chapel. And 68 at your severe weather station news radio. W F L A Next update at 6 15. I'm Chris Strike Man. You're listening to am Tampa Bay on news radio. W F L A Good morning. It is the pick of the week. Wednesday with Jack Aaron and Katie all on board here this morning and our number 809 699352. And by the way we got Daniel James Scott is going to be joining us at 6 50. And he's going to be talking about the high phones and, uh Privacy issue that some are saying they're having right now, but we'll get the word from him. And if you got any tech questions he would like to ask. You can ask Daniel James Scott. Neil, answer them for you here today. If you got any tech questions, call Katie at 809 699352. Meanwhile, 6 10 and Let's check in with John Thomas on traffic. Mm hmm. For the mosque, Nissan Traffic Center. We have good news and bad news. The good news is it's early and we have no major traffic issues. The bad news is it's early in Europe. This.

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