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Oh. Maybe trance-like just I what all I remember. Everything seems so old it after that, I I, I pulled the covers for them and the only thing I could think of laws that the nine that we'd go downstairs. Okay. The big set knives and. You know about, but I, I pulled the big, I think all you call the meet now the wide one out, but I just. Kinda held towards me and. Just I just couldn't do it. I think it was all my the pound once going to town. I couldn't do. And then and then you live that what I needed to do is to get filament you know, I'd go to let Priscilla now. They were going to help me. They gotta have. I don't know why I didn't think you know to call you whole time. Now you knew your new wife and daughter dead in the bed, but did you know what happened to them? You mean in being show? Is that what happened? That's what I think. I mean, I don't really. Just shit on Louis kind of on the on the chest. What did you see. Like a whole. Kinda like the whole. Did you see on your wife? I didn't see anything on the show. What would you think happened to her while I just, I mean. I just I just shooting the saying. Just seem so much just Mitch blood around lily. Whereabouts are around on lily all over a body. Kinda like the the top Hof. Yeah, it's just so much. Kind of on the mouth and on the on the chest checks bit. 'cause Rachel, I got home. To go to arm and cross. Okay. But I don't. I mean, I didn't. Did you? Did you move the out now but you could see from just standing on the side of the bed or up close? How close were you. I was kinda clubbed in the bed. Okay, but you didn't. You didn't touch the bodies. I didn't know. Okay, so you so we don't know if you don't know if they were even still slightly breathing or anything like that. No. I just know. Did you leave the house right away. Not long, Neil, put down the kitchen knife, went out to the car and started driving to Carver where Rachel's parents lived. Did you try and call Priscilla? Joe. Well, I don't know the numbers. I only nine the the house number, so I just got in the eye, but I got in the car and started to drive now did it, but you didn't try to call them. While now. Strange because I didn't call them because I knew they wouldn't be in, but I wanted to drive that to see Neil claims that it didn't call Priscilla and Joe because he knew they wouldn't be home. He also claims that he drove to their house to speak with them in person, perhaps realizing the faulty logic of his explanation Neil offers another reason for driving over to their home. I know that Joe is going in the house. Okay. And I did think that if I went to that house, I could, you know, do what I. Kind of just gonna shoot myself. And so you just will show upset about what you saw that you wanted to hurt yourself? Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I understand and drove in call anybody. Now in call, go grab a neighbor and you didn't call nine one one now. Okay. And your Joe. Did you stop on the way to car? Did you drive straight the car now? Just drive straight that. And what happened when you got there? Well, I go man and. The key to that house used to be on the union, cocky, putting together for them all together. But when I go to go, there is the key walls man. Purpose go on Joe priscilla's house was to get a gun. Yeah, that was. I mean. I don't know what kind of how developed to that one. I I liked it was I got him. I had going to see them to tell them. Now, the reason that was to get the go. Okay, to hurt yourself? Yeah. According to Neil, he wasn't able to get into Priscilla and Joe's house to get one of their guns. So he tried to find priscilla's workplace. He drove around for awhile, got lost and ended up driving to Logan airport. So what time did you head. What time did you head up to the airport. Dog got got the when I got to be at. I don't know. I don't know. What time did you pack the car and get out. Yeah. Where did you go? I well, I because oh, and. Apart, I think are just out there for a while. The bigger, right? Yeah, pulling in. Yeah, pulled into the space and just. Kind of there for a while. I don't. What was going through my head at that point. And yeah, I got out on. I walked to mount wanting to. Wanting to one of the man. Did you buy anything? Did you get a Cup of coffee? Did you get something to eat. I think so. No, ensure, no. Okay. Jasper help. Now did you talk to anybody? No. Did you make any calls? No. Could you call now? Okay. And then then you stayed at the airport. Is that for why? Man? I thought. I think any. Was kind of coming together and realize there. I mean. Being awhile. By this point, you know seems found coke in the law of hours right? Then I wanted to kinda got and and do something about it. And I go back in the Colin left the EPO. Okay. What did you do. Drawing to. I thought to get by Tompkins after wandering around the airport for a while, Neal started driving back to Hopkinton. But once again, he got lost along the way, but you never made it back to. Hopping. No, I. I. Going driving around mall, the mall, I just got more and more straight than then. What'd you get frustrated over?

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