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Leader are seeing James Charles before they would see Taty 'cause he's the newer fresher thing. She was still J. Right. So it's like being older on being around longer on YouTube being part of the older guard does not necessarily necessarily mean you have the most follower. So James Charles quickly became the top beauty influence or on YouTube. I think Jeffrey star is now the top since he's lost a lot of subs which will get to but amongst the top. So James Charles became the top after Taty kind of like helped him, she explained. So let's before we even get to that point. So James, Charles. We just said who he was and what happened with James Charles to get him so incredibly cancelled which is honestly the smallest funniest thing in the whole world. The number one thing in YouTube culture is loyalty like you have to be loyal. I swear remember the number one thing in a lot of like a lot of colds or wilty. Yes. Several cultural oil, and she's extremely proud of being like in the in the grand scheme of like the BBC world. Older woman in it like she's like, it's not all young woman. She's like thirty seven. But I know, but she says that like I'm only thirty seven, but that's sort of unheard of in the industry for me to be like an an influential beauty figure, so she's very she's about being more professional. He has a line of vitamins called halo Aloni. These vitamins who fucking knows what they are. I think one is for hair and one is for sleep there. Bio tin repackaged, their melatonin repackaged all of is vitamins, all these vitamins, whether they're halo of the sugar bear hair, which we will get into they all contain like, they're all covered in labels from the FDA that like, hey, this doesn't do anything. We say this does anything, right? Just take them and good luck. So called halo. She asks her dear friend, James Carl will he promote because she promotes him. He promotes her. It's kind of a back and forth forever. She says James will you promote my vitamins, he says my audience is very young. So I don't want to promote these vitamins. Okay. Okay. Fine fare respect. James Charles goes to Coachella this year. He makes a video at Coachella. A u Instagram lives to grandma whatever video Instagram's? Right. And he says, thank you. There's a hashtag ad in the corner. Thank you too sugar bear hair for providing me security things got crazy at week two. And we needed security so sugar.

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