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And if you've ever been blasted by the remnants of some kind of nuclear explosion. Apple all the time. Apple's remove radiation from the body. Any kind of nuclear explosion, any kind of radiation apples will so solve your problem that remove old carcinogens and aid, inhaling all the concept is everything. Well, that's all. Why would you even suggest you? They also promote, hey growth, and the sasquatch says, Dr the time need help with. Literally son Atara the sasquatch finishes by saying are closed, are lart note using human phrase? How do you like them? Apples. Tom. So the end of this son oughta raw as written. This is written by Kelly here. She says, after hearing from Sonatine raw and how fond he's of apples. I decided yesterday to pick one off the tree in my backyard and enjoy it for myself. I noticed that all of the phone Apple's beneath the tree were gone when there was at least thirty of them on the ground the day before and in place of the missing apples. There was several large piles of fresh Scott. Defied creature. He's a search, wasn't deep pellets. Eight actually looked like very large and sloppy human feces, but I knew all along it was left by the score on you haven't enlightened me. He's just on eight. No, your apples and taking a slob. So much of being enlightened. Hi, thanks for the guarding us into the fifth dimension and sheeting in my back. For all your advanced particle physics. You still can't figure out how to not shit where you eat. That's hell Vasa and she said, as soon as I knowledge to the Scott belong to, it was confirmed by an into dimensional elder by the name of Benno raw, ATar a all sasquatch better. Talk clean it up. Well, now she's left. Who is she's left with a bunch of terrible and shit in back backyard, just horrible base. And all of this basically builds up. You know, with all these different contributions from these wack jobs to the final chapter which is because come, you actually doesn't come through it all, hey, it's just he's cousins, and he's relatives being channeled by all the papal so west by Kelly lap Cereda's, but in chapter thirty. The final chapter of this stunning new book is actually channel by son, Bo, and it is mood the great KOMO coming through the savior of humanity. Does he apologize for the poop and what he doesn't at all? Let me just read you a. I'm just going to read you one excerpt and this is for beta this verbatim from German because he's highly advanced. He says, portals can be opened artificially by sending successive scale away to cross in a fixed point or nexus. And this is used in quantum computers in which those next into dimensional portals called cubits as units of quantum bits in references to the cubits, which were the units of measurement for pyramids, which had the potential to create portals at the apex, especially if coated with gold. In which case, though also collected rare mono atomic Gulf from the atmosphere. One of the most magnetic substances in the cosmos and use for its healing properties in the gods. Ambrosia the nectar of immortality are like apple, obviously, short sentences don't exist in high dimensions. That's what it's like. That's right. It is out of the rest, the Trump to John..

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