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I don't like doing radio ever unless I'm totally in control. Really because I have a face for TV. Not right. Yeah. That's true. This is may soon Ziad. She's a stand up comedian slurry and everyone thinks I'm drunk. Now, the reason why is a little self conscious about doing radio is because of a disability. She has which in her stand up routine. She tackles head on here. She is on the Ted stage. My name is may soon Zayid, and I am not drunk, but the doctor who delivered me was he my mom fix different times in different directions. Suffocating poor loan me in the process as a result. I have cerebral palsy, which means I shake all the time. Look. It's exhausting. I'm like Shakira. Shakira meets Muhammad Ali. He is not genetic. It's not a birth defect. You can't catch it. No one put a curse on my mother's uterus. And I didn't get it. Because my parents are first cousins, which they are. It only happens from accidents. Like what happened to me on my birthday? Now. I must warn, I'm not inspirational. I don't want anyone in this room to feel bad for me because at some point in your life. You have dreamt of being disabled come on and journey with me. It's Christmas Eve, you're.

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