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For the next week What more bad news about Facebook Are we going to see and talk to us about the company's PR strategy I mean they're not They're not pulling any punches right now I would say this is the most aggressive combative that I've seen Facebook PR in the 8 years that I've covered the company It seems very clear to me that they are worried about what's going to be coming out But also feeling not just worried but actively defensive because they don't feel like they're getting a fair shake here You saw that from a tweet thread that their comms team posts earlier this week kind of accusing journalists of teaming up together almost conspiratorially against the company And so I think this is you know I've been saying this for a couple of weeks I mean there's tens of thousands of documents that Francis haugen brought when she left the company We've seen what a half dozen stories from the journal right I just think there's a lot more to uncover There's a lot of people who are starting to get their hands on these documents And so I think this is just the beginning of what's probably going to be a very long month and news cycle for Facebook as people start to parse through some of this stuff And David obviously you spoke to Mark Zuckerberg many times over the last decade and a half I'm curious what you think is going on inside his head right now as he contemplates this rebound brand thinks about the company's future and is getting kind of attacked on all sides Well I often say that I really didn't anticipate that he would become so beleaguered and so self righteous When I spent so much time with him back in the earlier years I think what goes through his head is fundamentally that he is absolutely firmly convinced that what he's doing is good for the world and that we don't give him credit We don't understand it and it's not his fault It's our fart fault for not really getting it for not realizing all the good that Facebook does for the world And because he's so has so much certitude about that he basically is unbending in the face of almost literally any criticism despite the fact that so much of it is so well founded even with documents now All right well the verge is reporting that this name change could be revealed on October 28th which is the same day as Facebook's connect event which we will all be tuning into Bloomberg reporter Kurt Wagner takani founder and editor in chief David kirpatrick Thank you both Meantime Facebook has been fined $70 million by the UK's merger watchdog for failing to update regulators on its acquisition of giphy The UK's competition markets authority said Facebook consciously refused to follow UK law requiring companies to remain separate while an investigation into a proposed deal has been underway The decision on the deal is expected by December 1st Coming up as Bitcoin hits an all time high traders can now Jack up their bets with options on the newly minted pro shares Bitcoin strategy ETF We'll talk about the current crypto landscape and how high Bitcoin's price can go Next this is Bloomberg Economics All this doomed gloom is out there finance Do you see this as a technical correction investment What are you looking at to give you some sort of compass through this period That's Bloomberg surveillance podcast Lots and lots of talk about what the fed should and shouldn't do John.

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